We’ve built a stone wall in the brewery

10. - 12.5.2019

At the weekend May 10th-12th we went to the nice village Chříč in the north of the Pilsen Region to help Propolis build a self-supporting wall as it’s been our tradition.

This wall has been built for almost 10 years by volunteers from the Czech Republic and from around the world. Countless volunteers had the opportunity to experience what it is like to build a giant wall without the use of mortar. And we have almost completed this construction at the weekend completely. Maybe we will build a new one during the next Weekend? We will see. Besides carrying stones and bricks and putting them together, we also had a lot of fun. On Saturday we went for a walk, some even visited the brewery in Plasy, we played board games and during the piano playing we talked long until very early morning. Since we got to know Propolis, the whole village has changed a lot. We like this change a lot and we are glad that we could have been at least partially there to contribute. 11 volunteers have done wonderful 99 hours of voluntary work. 

We are looking forward to visiting Propolis again, come with us next time!

Find more pictures on our Facebook.

We’d also like to thank all the donors from Giving Tuesday 2018, cause your donations made this Weekend event possible.