Ready to go – the terms

We care for the professional work standards and aim to achieve quality and satisfaction during the projects as well as in their results for both interested parties – the participants and partner non-profit organizations. We guard safety and responsibility while preparing the project and during the project itself.

Before applying for the weekend project, please read the following terms of participation.

You will learn about the practical side of our expeditions – for example what kind of meal, accommodation and transportation you can expect and how to pay the participation fee and why.



  • Volunteers need to be more than 15 years old (people aged 15-18 need to have a special confirmation from their legal representative);
  • the Weekend starts with common departure of the group of volunteers (Friday afternoon, early evening) and ends with Sunday departure (after lunch);
  • schedule is divided into manual work on concrete variously demanding prearranged tasks, free time and informal sharing of knowledge and experiences;
  • on the Weekends we work 8 – 11 hours, usually on Saturday and Sunday;
  • planned tasks listed in the invitation for the project may be changed for variety reasons during the Weekend;
  • specific form of accommodation, meals and accompanying educational program depends on specific options of each organization;
  • you can join Tamjdem team and as ORGANISER prepare next Weekend and test your organising skills! There are special conditions for organisers such as reimbursement of all transport costs and costs of preparing the project. Organisers are free of participation fee, too. If interested, contact the project coordinator



  • food – it is usually a team work and often is a vegetarian one (we provide food from Saturday morning till Sunday lunch, usually volunteers bring their own dinners for Friday eve and share it during a late “picnic”;
  • accommodation – in basic conditions – usually on a floor, on a sleeping mat, but always in your own sleeping bags (the details and needed equipment are always presented on our website in the description of the particular Weekend project);
  • every volunteer is insured in case of injury and in case of any damage – caused by a volunteer or to a volunteer, (the insurance is arranged via the Insurance company called Hasičská vzájemná pojišťovna, taken care of an organization Hestia);
  • there is always a short presentation of the partner organization, workshop, lecture, walk around….



  • each volunteer is expected to get familiar with details of the project he applies for (schedule, work tasks, necessary equipment…). This information as well as the contact e-mail/cell phone number of the organizer are provided in the project description on our website (published usually 14 days before the project takes place).
  • PAYING THE PARTICIPATION FEE of 300 CZK IN ADVANCE VIA BANK TRANSFER. The fee partially covers the meal, accomodation, travel and administrative costs.