Participation fee

The participation fee partially covers costs for weekend meals, accomodation, special insurance and administrative costs associated with preparations of the events (coordinators salary, office rent, paper material) and material for trainings and evaluation meetings of our organizers.

PARTICIPATION FEE is one of key incomes of the Weekends project. It allows us to run it, maintain its quality level and develop it further.


  • immediately after submitting your application for the particular Weekend project, send the participation fee of  CZK 300.
  • we have to receive the payment within 3 work days since receiving your application
  • in case we do not receive the fee in those 3 days we will cancel your application and we will offer your spot to another volunteer
  • account number 2600956785/2010
  • the bank account is transparent so you have a chance to control whether we received your fee
  • VARIABLE SYMBOL varies according to the serial number of the particular Weekend project and is always stated in the practical information for the particular event
  • In the MESSAGE FOR THE RECIPIENT, write your full name, so we can better identify the payment.
  • in case you can not pay via bank transfer, please contact us and we will find a solution (for example – paying in cash etc.)


Please take into consideration that cancellations cause troubles! Think twice before applying for the projects and please take it seriously. It is really hard to find “last minute” new volunteers nowadays.
But of course, we can not oblige you to go for the weekend and we understand if you have to cancel for serious reasons.

But, since there have been a lot of troubles with massive cancellations just a few days before the projects, we decided to make the cancellation policy more strict.
We even had to cancel some of the weekends due to critically small number of volunteers in the past season. Obviously all included parties were disappointed, especially the NGO that was counting on our help and preparing the event with high responsibility and expectations.

  • if we receive your cancellation 11 days and more before your Weekend project (Tuesday, week and a half before the event), you are entitled to receiving 100 CZK from the fee back
  • if we receive your cancellation 10 days and less before your Weekend project, we keep the full participation fee
  • in case you decide not to ask for the 100 CZK back (first case of cancellation – only you cancel and do not specifically ask for the part of the fee back), we keep the whole fee and use it for further development of the Weekend project and Tamjdem as such
  • and of course we will be grateful for that…