Weekends 2018

26.-28.10.  Autumn weekend in Neratov with NYU

Místo: Neratov, z.s.
Organizátor: Karolína Durdová

We spent the last weekend of October in our beloved Neratov. In total 9 volunteers, 5 of them being from NYU Prague, helped in this organization that has managed to build sheltered housing and workshops in the Eagle Mountains and  Read more

19.-21.10.  Protecting nature and butterflies in Votice

Místo: Ochrana fauny ČR
Organizátor: Alexandra Wedl

On the last nice autumn days in October we headed to the organization Ochrana Fauny, for a weekend in the name of nature protection. Our international group of volunteers did 70 hours of work throughout the weekend. Protection of the  Read more

13.10.  One day at Kuchyňka

Místo: Community garden Kuchynka
Organizátor: Vilena Taraskina

As the greatest challenge of the day, we can boldly mark the search for a community garden. This was not only the participants but also the organizer’s highlight. 🙂 So we were gathering for about an hour. The welcoming and  Read more

28.-30.9.  Meditating all weekend while cutting the grass

Místo: Ecological Leisure Center Švýcárna
Organizátor: Barbora Nosková

On Friday, September 28, we began our journey from Prague Central Station to the valley of Moravian Karst, legendary place – Švýcárna . 10 volunteers took part in the Weekend and did 100 hours of volunteer work. After an adventurous  Read more

28.9.  We helped in a community center in Prague 4

Místo: Spolecnost E

A ten-member international group met on Friday, September 28, 2018 at the Community Center in Prague 4 of Association E, which helps people with epilepsy. We did a lot of work renovating garden furniture and interior railing. We talked about  Read more

14.-16.9.  Wooden boards and Dixit in Children's Villages

Místo: SOS children´s village Brno
Organizátoři: Barbora Nosková, Vilena Taraskina

In the mid September, we’ve been heading to SOS Children’s villages once again, but this time in Brno. 8 volunteers have done 80 hours of voluntary work throughout the weekend. Weather, as usually in September, was pleasant so we’ve been  Read more

7.-9.9.  We showed some power in the mountains

Místo: Amrita
Organizátor: Petr Semkin

Nine Tamjdem volunteers went to the organization Amrita for a unique Weekend trip – perhaps the noisiest, the deepest and the soberest TamJdem weekend trip ever! We’ve done 90 hours of voluntary work during these days. Amrita is an organization  Read more

24.-26.8.  Summer potatoe harvesting

Místo: Centrum Tábor
Organizátoři: Barbora Nosková, Vilena Taraskina

The last weekend of this summer on 24th – 26th August was held at the Tabor Academy of Social Arts (Akademie sociálního umění Tabor).  The journey itself has made this weekend a great adventure – it all started with the intense rain which  Read more

27.-29.7.  Relaxed Weekend in retro style

Místo: Centrum integrace dětí a mládeže
Organizátor: Jana Rudysova

Our first Weekend of the season was pretty unique in many ways. First of all, it was truly „mini“, covered not only in cobwebs,  but also filled with relaxed retro atmosphere of spa town and lots of goodness from the  Read more

29.6.-1.7.  Start of summer in Práh

Místo: Práh jižní Morava, z.ú.
Organizátor: Alexandra Wedl

When Prague people come to Brno…well, that’s not the best beginning, but that’s how it went. 🙂 We arrived at the organization Práh an hour after the garden festival for volunteers was over (except for Matej, who apparently had a  Read more

22.-24.6.  Above the horses in Dolní mlýn

Místo: Dolní Mlýn
Organizátoři: Petr Žabka, Zuzana Fišerová

We woke up in the hayloft, slept right over the horse stable. It was cold, but we made it! Early in the morning, we slipped out of our sleeping bags to help Mrs Milada clean the surroundings and prepare the traditional  Read more

8.-10.6.  Volunteers' journey to the medieval brewery

Místo: Propolis z.s.
Organizátoři: Alexandra Wedl

Meaningful work on renovating the classroom of „Pivonka school“, adrenaline ride on the back of an old-school pickup truck and tasting some special beer – those where just some of the highlights of our weekend on the beautiful site of  Read more

25.-27.5.  Weekend with horses at Ryzáček!

Místo: Ryzáček
Organizátor: Marie Makovská

Last weekend we – group of 9 volunteers – decided to help one lovely hippotherapy center called Ryzáček. After almost 3 hour train drive, we received a very warm welcome from both human and animal members of Ryzacek family 🙂  Read more

11.-13.5.  We've built the oven in IC Petrovice!

Místo: IC Petrovice u Karviné, z.s.
Organizátoři: Petr Semkin, Petr Žabka

Dozen of brave volunteering souls went to the Information Centre for Youth in Petrovice u Karviné – eastern corner of Czechia, a walk from Poland. It is such a great place, that we returned there after a fabulous weekend last  Read more

4.-6.5.  Weekend in community villa

Místo: Villa Vallila
Organizátor: Markéta Votavová

  During the weekend of  4th to 6th of May we spent a wonderful weekend in the Villa Vallila Community House for people with handicaps in Cerveny Ujezd u Benesova in a group of 11 volunteers. Thanks to the students  Read more

20.-22.4.  Children's laughter at Venku

Místo: Forest kindergarten Venku
Organizátoři: Ivana Kocikova, Jana Rudysova, Markéta Votavová

Last weekend we had one special weekend project for children and parents. After more than half a year we returned to the magical, forest-covered Forest Kindergarten Venku. The weather was almost as in summer, but the tree have prepared a  Read more

13.-15.4.  Like Celts

Místo: Boii
Organizátor: Lenka Chocholouskova

We went to Nasavrky in the middle of April. We learned something about the life of the Celts. We helped to local organization Boii organization, which takes care of the local open-air museum (and not just that), to build a  Read more

6.-8.4.  Surrounded by beauty of baroque monument

Místo: Wallenstein Loggia
Organizátoři: Debora Kálalová, Tomas Prochazka

We just experienced the best spring weekend in a beautiful place called Valdštejnská Lodžie. We made a stony pavement and sowed new lawn. We also managed to do wood chipping and general cleaning and maintenance. In our free time, we  Read more

30.3.-1.4.  Easter at Švýcárna!

Místo: Ecological Leisure Center Švýcárna

We spent Easter holidays in the south of Moravia, in the middle of beautiful scenery. We helped with maintenance and enlargement of ecological center Švýcárna with a bunch of volunteers. And it was amazing! Right after arrival, we got to  Read more

23.-25.3.  We cleaned a chateau park in Veselí!

Místo: Spolek Tvrz Veselí
Organizátoři: Iga Kurkowska, Tereza Hacová

Almost at the end of March, we went to the Veselí Fortress Castle. We cleaned the castle´s park, where all kinds of cultural events may take place from now on (thanks to great work of the volunteers). We also got  Read more

16.-18.3.  On a mission to help SOS village!

Místo: SOS children´s village Karlovy Vary
Organizátor: Miroslava Vitásková

The first spring volunteering event took place in SOS Village in Karlovy Vary. We were helping with the maintenance of their premises and learned a lot about the challenges of excluded areas and foster care. Last but not least we  Read more

9.-11.2.  We celebrated Masopust!

Místo: Environmental Education Centre SEVER
Organizátor: Tereza Hacová

On the historically first winter Weekend, we went with 12 volunteers to the foothills of the Giant Mountains, to the village Horní Maršov. We helped the non-profit organization SEVER, which had planned carnival celebrations for the second February weekend. Tamjdem  Read more