Weekends 2017


20 amazing organizers went with them! In order to perform this role,  some of them took part in a training which was held in last spring and they evaluated their work in the autumn meeting.

Together, we worked for more than 2000 hours! (That is the amount of work that is done in a full-time job in one year!)

We are grateful to all our volunteers, as well as to our partner non-profit organizations for their time, active involvement and support!

3.-5.11.  To Neratov´s hipsters?!

Místo: Neratov, z.s.
Organizátoři: Bára Matějčková, Miroslava Vitásková

The last working weekend of 2017 took place in the first weekend of November and our group of volunteers went to Neratov where we were helping to the rather famous association Neratov. The association creates job opportunities for mentally disabled  Read more

20.-22.10.  Rolling Stones at Švýcárna!

Místo: Ecological Leisure Center Švýcárna
Organizátoři: Petr Semkin, Tereza Hacová

Last weekend trip of October we devoted to the place called Švýcárna, an ecological center in the heart of Moravia, not far from Brno. Friday night we spent in Brno itself, met by Švýcárna’s representative Alexander, a merry and easy-going  Read more

13.-15.10.  Potato weekend at Vlčkovice

Místo: Statek Vlčkovice
Organizátor: Nikola Bláhová

Our volunteers set off on a beautiful, warm, weekend to help Vlčkovice Farm. Right after we arrived, we took part in the preparation of spreads and other goodies. On Saturday, most of the day we helped in the field, harvesting  Read more

6.-8.10.  We cleaned after Black barons!

Místo: Monastery
Organizátor: Petr Vrchota

Last weekend, we set off for volunteering in the Šternberk Court in the nearby of Nepomuk in West Bohemia. In this extensive historical place we were removing woods, bushes and moss while using pick-axes, hoes, shovels and other tools. On  Read more

22.-24.9.  Weekend full of Buddhism and wood

Místo: Buddhist cultural association
Organizátoři: Debora Kálalová, Michal Jána

  Our group of volunteers spent a weekend in Buddhist cultural society near Rudolfov, České Budějovice at the end of September. And it was in the spirit of work and fun! Not only that we managed to fill the entire  Read more

15.-17.9.  Into the village for the tiles

Místo: SOS children´s village Brno
Organizátor: Petr Žabka

In the middle of September, we went to the SOS villages in Brno for a Weekend event, where we drove, tilled, cleaned, painted … until we almost did not recognize it when we were departing. We also learned what is  Read more

9.9.  We built a fence for sheep!

Místo: The local food initiatives Association (AMPI)
Organizátor: Petr Žabka

We started the autumn volunteer projects in the Czech non-profits in spectacular way – not only with our Weekends, but also with a one-day event on September 9th in the community garden and outside kindergarten Kuchyňka in Kobylisy. We mainly  Read more

1.-3.9.  Weekend at castle Sovinec

Místo: Castle Sovinec
Organizátor: Jirka Sládek

First Weekend in September took place on the other side of the Czech Republic, at castle Sovinec. We had fun from the very beginning! Upon arrival, we equipped our volunteers with raincoats and headlamps and sent them on slalom between  Read more

25.-27.8.  We built a fence against mouflons in a forest nursery!

Místo: Forest kindergarten Venku
Organizátor: Tereza Hacová

Last weekend in August Tamjdem volunteers went to the forest nursery Venku, which we prepared for a new school year and the arrival of forest schoolchildren. On Saturday, we helped with building a fence that will protect children from wildlife,  Read more

7.-9.7.  We helped Práh Centre in Brno

Místo: Práh jižní Morava, z.ú.
Organizátor: Lenka Chocholouskova

This time we went to Brno, to the organization Práh, which helps adults with serious mental illness to integrate into their common life. We spent all the weekend in their therapeutic garden, where we were sanding and painting 3 benches.  Read more

23.-25.6.  We remembered our childhood in a forest kindergarten

Místo: Ostrov přírody

We spent the last weekend in June at the organisation called „The Isle of Nature“ and felt like kids again in the local kindergarten. And it was really something! Not only did we help with moving heavy concrete blocks, building  Read more

16.-18.6.  We visited a prehistoric settlement

Místo: Bacrie
Organizátoři: Mirek Ryšán, Tomas Prochazka

Is it or it is not possible to travel in time? Maybe. For this event, we went to the town of Česká Třebová and further to the village of Křivolík, where the organization Bacrie welcomed us and prepared great work.  Read more

9.-11.6.  We helped repairing the Hartenberg castle!

Místo: Hartenberg

Last weekend we went to one of the most western weekends situated in Sokolov region – we visited the ruins of Hartenberg Castle. It is gradually restored mainly by the forces of volunteers from the Czech Republic and the whole  Read more

26.-28.5.  We helped to prepare the VlčoviceFest

Místo: Statek Vlčkovice
Organizátor: Misa Klicnikova

The last weekend in May, we went to Vlčkovice to help with a preparation of the famous festival VlčkoviceFest and a reconstruction of a palace from the 15th century. We removed debris from a fallen ceiling, started transforming a sheepfold  Read more

19.-21.5.  Help arround & rock in the Neratov church

Místo: Neratov, z.s.
Organizátoři: Jana Rudysova, Matej Hykes

Again, a year after the last event, we went to help to the breathtaking Neratov hidden among the green hills of Orlické hory mountains by the border with Poland. This year we have been working mainly around the local dominant  Read more

13.5.  We prepared a cultural event in a nice heritage!

Místo: Nebovidy fort
Organizátoři: Petr Žabka, Tereza Ochotna

On Suturday during the second weekend of May, our volunteer group headed for a beautiful place called Nebovidy near Kolín for a one-day volunteer event. We helped to arrange the Nebovidy fortress after the winter hibernation and prepared for the  Read more

28.-30.4.  We created a community herb garden

Místo: IC Petrovice u Karviné, z.s.
Organizátor: Ivana Kocikova

Our group of volunteers went to help the local Information Centre for Youth to the easternmost part of the Czech Republic to Petrovice u Karviné. We started a community garden there and it was worth it! The sun was shining,  Read more

21.-23.4.  We cheered the NORTH kids up

Místo: Environmental Education Centre SEVER
Organizátoři: Lenka Chocholouskova

There we were in Horní Maršov to help local non-profit organization SEVER. We slept in the most beautiful local school and we worked on school’s patio and on the garden of the DOTEK farm nearby, too. Within 119 working hours  Read more

7.-9.4.  We helped with a preparation for the cultural season in Jičín's Loggia

Místo: Wallenstein Loggia

We have prepared again Valdstejn Loggia for the next season. 8 volunteers went to Jičín for a weekend. It is not many people, but we could do a lot of work as all of them were experienced workers. During the  Read more

31.3.-2.4.  Welcoming Spring in EVC Švýcárna

Místo: Ecological Leisure Center Švýcárna

We went to help EVC Švýcárna near Brno for the third time at the turn of March and April. There were 14 volunteers who helped the organization with 126 voluntary hours! Besides our volunteers, there were also the workers from  Read more

31.3.-2.4.  Building latrines and sunbathing in the Valeč eco-farm

Místo: AREA Viva, z.s.
Organizátor: Martina Langrova

We spent the first weekend of April in beautiful small village Valeč near Karlovy Vary, we went there to help Area Viva, ecological non-profit organisation. Although we were a small group of six volunteers, we did a great job by  Read more

17.-19.3.  We repaired a playground for happier children

Místo: Centre for families in Hodonín

During the weekend March17th to 19th we went to help the Centre for families and social care in Hodonín in south Moravia. Our main tasks were to repaint and repair a children playground to make it more beautiful and safe.  Read more

10.-12.3.  Let's not forget about nature near Prague

Místo: Jestřábník

Our first Weekend project in 2017 was organized near Prague in Únětice with Jestřábník – an organization which looks after nature and biotops living there and organizes educational activities for children. During the weekend March 10th to 12th, we enjoyed  Read more