Weekends 2016


To run these projects, 25 organizers helped us to arrange all the Weekends during the whole year, for whom we also organised a spring training and an autumn evaluation meeting. We celebrated the voluntary season end during a thanks-to-all party for volunteers held on December 14th. During the whole year, there were a few charity book bazaars throughout Prague and two 1 day volunteering events in Kuchyňka community garden and Toulcův dvůr – both in Prague.

We thank to all our volunteers and partner non-profit organizations for their time, active participation and support!
Your work was visible in 2016 with Tamjdem!

21.-23.10.  Cutting wood & meditation with Buddhists

Místo: Buddhist cultural association
Organizátoři: Tannia Rios, Veronika Bachtikova

During our penultimate Weekend, 12 volunteers decided to share a bit of their leisure time last weekend, participated in our Weekend and went to help our partner organization near České Budějovice in Vyhlídky. There they found a meditation centre of  Read more

14.-16.10.  Building and destroying in the Chříč brewery

Místo: Propolis z.s.

We went to help Propolis and the local brewery in October again! 15 volunteers participated in the Weekend which was also connected with the voluntary project 72 hours. The weekend was full of awesome sunny and calm time, stones, bricks,  Read more

7.-9.10.  Bricklaying in Valeč - you do not get cold when working hard

Místo: AREA Viva, z.s.
Organizátor: Markéta Votavová

During our first Weekend project in October, we headed to AREA Viva in Karlovy Vary region. We slept in a yurt, cooked lunch and dinner in the local field kitchen all surrounded by so much of sheep. It was really  Read more

23.-25.9.  Living at the Pirštejn castle like kings used to

Místo: Pirkštejn castle

In the end of September, we headed for the Weekend at the Pirkštejn castle. We were 11 volunteers, enjoyed tons of fun and managed to do a lot of work, too! We peeled the castle walls (and became ghosts because  Read more

9.-11.9.  Vegetable everywhere around – Tamjdem to a bio farm

Místo: Svobodný statek na soutoku, o.p.s.

We visited Svobodný statek na soutoku, o.p.s. during the first autumn Weekend and had a wonderful weather so we could enjoy a great September weekend. Our group of 11 volunteers helped with picking grown pumpkins and beets, we cut leaves  Read more

8.-11.9.  The fairytale festival

Místo: Jičín – the town of fairytale

Our second weekend project of September took place in Jičín during the Festival of fairytale. The event was trully unique. We enjoyed our work as well as the free time in the town of Jičín which, for the special weekend,  Read more

5.-7.8.  The first summer Weekend project helped in a therapeutic garden in Brno

Místo: Práh jižní Morava, z.ú.

The first summer Weekend project ever took place during the weekend of 5.- 8.7. We went to Brno association Práh that provides help and support to adults with severe mental illness with their integration into normal life. In Práh we  Read more

24.-26.6.  We have built a camp!

Místo: TOM Dumanci

For our last spring Weekend we headed to help turistic association TOM Dumánci near the city of Tábor. There were 12 volunteers and some of the locals altogether building their tents for the upcoming Czech and Spanish children camp. Not  Read more

17.-19.6.  Living village of Neratov

Místo: Neratov, z.s.
Organizátor: Jana Rudysova

During the last weekend when visiting the Association Neratov in Orlické hory we created a floor in the local pub, sorted some wood and tons of useless material. Beside this, we cut wood for Chata Neratov and later also branches  Read more

3.-5.6.  Weeding in a botanic garden in Vlčí hora

Místo: Vlcihorska zahrada, z.s.

The weather during our first Weekend in June was really great so we could enjoy a lot the hilly environment and surroundings of Vlčihorská hora with all our senses. While weeding a perm culture flowerbed, raking up cut plants and  Read more

27.-29.5.  Genius loci of the Villa Vallila

Místo: Villa Vallila

We headed for our 8th Weekend project to Villa Vallila in Červený Újezd u Votic to spend the last weekend in May. After the arrival, we were welcomed very nicely by the people from Villa and we could feel the  Read more

13.-15.5.  Riding horses in Corazon

Místo: Corazon, z.ú.

Eleven people and three guitars headed on May 13th for the Weekend to Corazon centre in Velký Týnec nearby Olomouc. We took an advantage from having the guitars in this beautiful place surrounded by nature to play and sing songs  Read more

6.-8.5.  We got in touch with the TOUCH center

Místo: Environmental Education Centre SEVER

Fifteen volunteers headed to Krkonoše Mountains and we did a lot of work. Everybody was surprised, how fast we were. The enthusiasm of the volunteers was great and tasks were quickly fulfilled. We were weeding, we planted vegetables, flowers and  Read more

22.-24.4.  Experience the life in a community house

Místo: Benediktus

On the weekend 22nd to 24th April our group of 6 volunteers set off on the journey to Modletín in the Iron Mountains. We were warmly welcomed by the residents of community house Benediktus, had a dinner together, talked and  Read more

22.-24.4.  Cleaning in Imaginarium

Místo: Wallenstein Loggia

We spent the final moments of the weekend climbing up a rocky hill. Sun was shining  above our heads but we could see the snow clouds aproaching us…! The whole weekend in the unique baroque monument Loggia of Wallenstein was  Read more

15.-17.4.  Build a community garden in the middle of the city

Místo: AVE, z.s.

We have gone for our third Tamjdem weekend to Český Těšín. We helped AVE, z.s. which runs a drop-in center for kids. Next to this centre, there is a community garden for the whole housing estates. We made first steps  Read more

8.-10.4.  We were building the wall!

Místo: Propolis z.s.

The Chříč Brewery in Western Bohemia hosted one of the first weekends of Tamjdem in 2016. The brewery is run by Propolis, z.s. and works as a sheltered workshop for handicapped people. The weather forecast was not very optimistic, but  Read more

1.-3.4.  In the middle of the Moravian carst

Místo: Ecological Leisure Center Švýcárna

We spent the first weekend project in Svycarna center in the middle of the Moravian carst and its magical Josefov valley…! In this beautiful and historical place surrounded by wonderful nature landscape, we enjoyed this weekend very much. Even more  Read more