Weekends 2015


The implementation involved 15 volunteer-organizers, for whom we held spring training and autumn evaluation meeting. We ended the year with a photography competition “Working for free is not in vain,” and we celebrated it during the evening of inspiring meeting called “Pass it on”. During 2015, a few volunteers organized a charity book bazaars throughout Prague and one spring Saturday we met for a one-day event in Toulcův yard in Prague.

We thank to all our volunteers and partner non-profit organizations for their time, active participation and support!

13.-15.11.  Mysterious props, tree creatures and piles of firewood

Místo: Wallenstein Loggia

The last Tamjdem weekend project of 2015 took place in the unique baroque monument that combines various mysteries of Wallenstein, the beauty of the monument itself with alternative cultural events of all kinds. Cultural imaginarium Loggia of Wallenstein (Valdštejnská Lodžie)  Read more

23.-25.10.  Neratov association - extraordinary help at extraordinary place

Místo: Neratov, z.s.
Organizátor: Jana Rudysova

We spent an amazing weekend, full of autumn colors at a very special, inspirational place. Right after the arrival on Friday we started the weekend with a pleasant dinner picnic, got to know each other better and had a good  Read more

9.-11.10.  Volunteers for Villa Vallila

Místo: Villa Vallila

UNFORTUNATELY WE HAD TO CANCEL this weekend project in Villa Vallila, due to the great amount of cancellation in the week before he project…! We hope we will be able to help Vallila some other time. For now, you can  Read more

25.-27.9.  Corazon – the place to get to know horses and people in unusual ways

Místo: Corazon, z.ú.

The non-profit organization Corazon writes about the Víkendovka project: „You were amazing! I am glad that I had the honor to spend a wonderfull weekend with you and I am already looking forward to another one… The „unit“ is still  Read more

10.-13.9.  Backstage atmosphere of the Jičín festival of fairytale

Místo: Jičín – the town of fairytale

Jičín looks as a fairytale town on its own. But if you add fairytale creatures and stories, it becomes even more worth the visit. And that’s why us, six brave volunteers, decided to go help out at the local festival.  Read more

26.-28.6.  Do you miss the times of summer-camps?

Místo: TOM Dumanci

Like last year around the same time, we set off to help the youth organization TOM Dumanci with some preparations for the summercamps for kids. We did the wooden tents constructing logistics and manual labour… and it was not easy,  Read more

12.-14.6.  At the herbal pharmacy in Vlcihorska garden

Místo: Vlcihorska zahrada, z.s.

We spent a wonderful weekend at Vlčí Hora. Weather was great (tropic in fact) and the people as well. We started working already on Friday evening in the sun-set colder air, and thus we could move from work to fun  Read more

29.-31.5.  A place where people and nature live in harmony

Místo: Farmstead Jasanka

Last weekend in May we visited the non-profit organization farmstead Jasanka where we helped with clay plastering. We met at Prague’s main train station in the afternoon and left for the long journey to the foothills of Jeseníky Mountains. We  Read more

15.-17.5.  Sheep everywhere around you

Místo: AREA Viva, z.s.

To get from Prague to Valeč, which has about 400 inhabitants, it takes two and a half hours by train. And then it is still a seven kilometers walk. Unless you get a ride, if you are lucky enough. It  Read more

1.-3.5.  The expedition to the green lands of Trutnov region

Místo: Trutnov greenlands

Tamjdem team of 9 volunteers spent the first weekend in May in the organization called Trutnovska zelen (Trutnov greenlands). It is a social enterprise that aims to support socially disadvantaged long-term unemployed people. On Saturday we went to our job  Read more

17.-19.4.  Country life in the Villa

Místo: Villa Vallila

Villa Vallila is a lovely place where a natural human kindliness to help is appreciated in a very nice way and also the life in a beautiful Art Nouveau building is in conjunction with daily farm life. Residents of Villa  Read more

10.-12.4.  Mysterious forest of Wallenstein

Místo: Wallenstein Loggia

There is a mysterious forest behind the unique baroque monument Loggia of Wallenstein and on the other side of the forest there is even more mysterious place… a small hill. Loggia, in fact, is a cultural imaginarium, a place of  Read more

20.-22.3.  Experience the community life in Beneditus

Místo: Benediktus

As usual on Fridays, we set off to weekend project on 20th March too, this time to community house of Benediktus, where people with and without handicap live together. We were a group of people with various experience with volunteering,  Read more

27.2.-1.3.  Tamjdem for Propolis, Propolis for people

Místo: Propolis z.s.

The brewery we have been helping to rebuild in Chříč (213 inhabitants) is very close to launching production. It will employ a number of people with handicap and finance the activities of Propolis, a community-based local NGO. Most of the  Read more