Weekends 2013

In 2013 we organized 12 weekend volunteering projects, 111 volunteers participated at the events and they made 1059 working hours together for Czech nonprofit organizations.

We would like to thank to all our volunteers and the partner nonprofit organizations for their participation, time, hard work and support!

22. – 24. November – Second weekend in Benediktus

Benediktus 2013Benediktus the community house for people with different handicaps hosted us for the second time this year already. 12 volunteers spent the last project of 2013 there. They worked hard on the garden and later enjoyed the company of the clients and workers of the organization. Check out more photos here.


25.-27. October – We spent the weekend at the castle with InBaze

inBaze_2013InBaze is an organization, where people from different cultures meet during various actions and projects. InBáze is creating some kind of a community center far from Prague – in Rakovice castle. 14 volunteers helped with some work around the castle – some maintenance, painting and so on and enjoyed gardening as well. We will publish more photos soon.

18.-20. October – Students of NYU in Prague helped during the weekend in Propolisu

propolis 2-2013Where the beer is brewed, life is good! This old Czech proverb is already valid in Propolis – the Czech nonprofit organization – although it will still take some time to drink beer from local sheltered brewery. To shorten this period Tamjdem team enriched by students from New York University in Prague put their hands to the plow from 18th till 20th October. Warm sunrays and delicious home food were charging our batteries, therefore we were strong enough to grasp the jackhammer and start demolishing the walls as well as stereotypes about Czechs and Americans. Delicate characters enjoyed the autumn-poetics of raking off leaves in the garden, those who like archeology and recycling dug out and cleaned up old bricks from the ruins for re-use. We explored the brewery from the deepest cellars up to the hundreds years old beams of the roof frame. We learned something about the art of brewing beer, and of course, something about each other. Check out more photos here.

11.-13. October – The first special weekend for children and their parents in Pramínek

This special event took place in a forest kindergarden called Pramínek. In the end we had more kids than adults but all of them enjoyed working out on a fresh air and learnt new things – some how to make a sidewalk some how to bake a mud cake… Check out more photos here.

13.-15. September – Cleaning of the attic and constructing benches for visitors of Sudslava theatre

This weekend we helped in Genius Loci Sudslava. This nonprofit organization was founded with the goal to reconstruct and protect a former rectory (a cultural heritage from a baroque time) and to renew the cultural life of the village and surrounded region by organizing various cultural events and workshops for kids and adults. We will publish more photos soon.

21. – 23. June – Get in touch with cheetah – Zoo Chleby

ZOO chlebyIn ZOO in Chleby, the first private ZOO of its kind in Czech Republic, the volunteers helped with small tasks like cleaning some cages and also they got a chance to touch a cheetah. Weekend full of wonderfull experiences… like always … We will publish more photos soon.

7. – 9. June – Sheep-milking, cheese-making and other joys of bio-farming in Area Viva

This weekend our hosting organization was Area Viva, which is experimenting with the concept of socially-conscious farming. We learnt a lot about organic farming, permaculture, saw sheep-milking. It might be handy to know how to balance a caravan and how to build a fence for the future as well. The participants were great workers and they managed to survive 9 hours long journey back home with smile on their faces. Big thanks go to the conductor as well as he shared his snack with us while waiting for the alternative transport with us… Check out more photos here.


26. – 28. April – Reconstructing old brewery in Propolis

Snímek 152There is still a lot of work in Chříč brewery – in the organization called Propolis. The result of our volunteering action was fully successful and there is a bit less to do left for future generations… Besides working on the brewery reconstruction – a never ending task, we helped with some gardening as well. The volunteers were given a marvelous tour in the place as well and calm presentation of the organization. We will publish more photos soon.

19. – 21. April – Volunteering in Benediktus – community house

benediktus 1_2013Benediktus is a community house for people with different handicaps. Czech and American volunteers spent a wonderful time here. They worked hard on the garden and later enjoyed the company of the clients and workers of the organization. Check out more photos here.

19. – 21. April – Tamjdem moves the sun

Loggia is a unique baroque monument, where we worked during the Weekend project in an international group of 7 volunteers and friends of Loggia from Jičín and surrounding regions. We helped with building a new path from sendstone tails and we transported the sun itself into its center! We printed ourselves into this Path of friendship for a really long time then ! On Saturday evening we weren´t speared from quite a dose of a real alternative culture – butcher stories and a vocal duo performance and nor from a huge amount of cakes, tea and other delicious food! On behalf of Tamjdem we thank you who participated and worked on finishing the path and didn´t go for a trip instead and big thank to organizers from Loggia for a great work! Check out more photos here.

12.-14. April – Storing firewood in Buddhist Cultural Society

BKS_skladame_2013Buddhist Cultural Society (BKS) in Vyhlidky near Ceske Budejovice is a meditation and educational center and it was founded also with the objective of studying the Diamond Way Buddhism. We spent our time there mostly with early spring gardening and chopping and storing firewood. But since our weekends are not only about work, we tried a bit of a meditation, learnt about Buddhism and played games. Check out more photos here.

29.-31. March – Active and Creative time in Kredance

kredance_2013Dance Studio Kredance in Ceske Budejovice hosted the first weekend volunteering project of the year 2013. We got to know the place that used to be a textile factory and was turned into a successful cultural center of the town. We helped with constructing new furniture from the old one and from other recycled materials as well under a supservision of the famous designer from Tinquer Interiore. Check out more photos here.