25.-27.10.  We cleaned animals' homes in ParaZOO

Místo: ParaZOO
Organizátor: Barbora Nosková

On the last weekend of October, the very last weekend event of the year 2019 happened. Thanks to sunny weather, warm welcome of locals and presence of animals we really enjoyed this event. In a small group of 6 volunteers,  Read more

11.-13.10.  We beautified the art center Naplaveno

Místo: Naplaveno
Organizátor: Véronique Lowther-Harris

We spent a wonderfully sunny weekend in a lovely artistic NGO called Naplaveno, located in the Southern Bohemian countryside. Our group of 7 volunteers worked remarkable 77 hours altogether, planting shrubs, creating a herb spiral, beautifying the landscape, moving grass  Read more

4.-6.10.  Autumn work in the garden of Animal rescue station

Místo: The Czech Otter Endowment Fund
Organizátoři: Anička Černá, Jitka Mertlíková

After a sudden change of weather and with a forecast of rainy weekend, we set out on Friday, October 4, with a group of 9 volunteers to the picturesque small city Třeboň, where the NGO Český nadační fond pro vydru operates a rescue  Read more

27.9.  Preparation of picturesque baroque parish for winter

Místo: Genius Loci Sudslava
Organizátoři: Jana Rudysova, Magda Hubená

On the weekend 27th – 29th September 2019 we set out to the small village Sudslava at the foothills of Orlické mountains. There was our target, a baroque parish held by the association Genius Loci Sudslava, where we were accommodated in gorgeous  Read more

20.-22.9.  We prepared Center Veronica for Apple Celebration

Místo: Centrum Veronica
Organizátoři: Debora Kálalová, Jirka Sládek

10 volunteers went to the Veronica Ecological Institute in the last days of warm September. We managed to prepare everything for the Celebration of apples, which is held a week later. Veronica Center is located in the beautiful surroundings of  Read more

13.-15.9.  Weekend adventure with horses in Ryzáček

Místo: Ryzáček
Organizátoři: Michal Novák, Véronique Lowther-Harris

The first Autumn weekend project took place in the hipporehabilitation center Ryzáček where an international group made up of 7 volunteers from 5 different countries managed to work 70 hours in total. Thanks to our furry & cuddly friends, the  Read more

28.-30.6.  We finished spring season in the therapeutic garden

Místo: Práh jižní Morava, z.ú.
Organizátor: Libor Marek

1 weekend, 7 people, 70 work hours On the last weekend in June, our Czechoslovakian group set out for a journey from Prague to Práh center in Brno. Although we were only 7 in the colors of Tamjdem at the  Read more

22.6.  We helped at the Community garden Kotlaska

Místo: Community center and garden Kotlaska
Organizátoři: Jana Šmatová, Marie Makovská

Last Saturday we went to the Community Garden Kotlaska to help with several tasks. It was raining when we were planning work, and it seemed that we were going to work in the rain. The weather has changed few times  Read more

31.5.-2.6.  We helped with ZUŠ Open in Neratov

Místo: Neratov, z.s.
Organizátor: Petr Žabka

At the last weekend of May we experienced a bit different Weekend. We often work a lot with our hands, but this time we helped with production of one of the events of the ZUŠ Open festival in our favorite  Read more

24.-26.5.  Weekend in the Iron Age

Místo: Boii
Organizátor: Robby Kubáň

On the last weekend of May, we headed to the Celtic Open Air Museum in Nasavrky. A wonderful group of people – Tereza, Elis, Linda, Jacek, Jakub, Pavel, Matej and Robby, together with the open-air museum workers dismantled and built  Read more

10.-12.5.  We've built a stone wall in the brewery

Místo: Propolis z.s.
Organizátor: Petr Žabka

At the weekend May 10th-12th we went to the nice village Chříč in the north of the Pilsen Region to help Propolis build a self-supporting wall as it’s been our tradition. This wall has been built for almost 10 years  Read more

3.-5.5.  We built a fence for goats and sheeps

Místo: Ochrana fauny ČR
Organizátoři: Marie Makovská, Petr Semkin

Last weekend the twelve of us volunteers went to Hrachov to help the organization Ochrana Fauny, located in the heart of the nature. Altogether we have done 144 hours of volunteer work! We accommodated in the house where our neighbors  Read more

26.-28.4.  We celebrated the Earth Day in eco center SEVER

Místo: Environmental Education Centre SEVER
Organizátor: Libor Marek

The last weekend of April a group of 13 volunteers headed to Horní Maršov to help NGO Středisko ekologické výchovy SEVER Horní Maršov. Altogether we helped the NGO with 143 hours of work in a beautiful environment of Krkonoše (the  Read more

12.-14.4.  Spring cleaning in the Wallenstein Loggia

Místo: Wallenstein Loggia
Organizátoři: Debora Kálalová, Láďa Hencl

Just another wonderful Weekend event, where 11 volunteers went to a place full of romance and history near city Jičín. The name of the place is Wallenstein Loggia. Although it might not seem, but during the weekend we worked an  Read more

5.-7.4.  Švýcárna is ready for the spring season!

Místo: Ecological Leisure Center Švýcárna
Organizátor: Barbora Nosková

On the first weekend of April, we went to Švýcárna again, deep in the valley of the Moravian Karst. 12 volunteers and one “dog volunteer” worked together amazing 108 hours of volunteer work. We helped with the final adjustments of  Read more

5.-7.4.  We planted trees for Villa Vallila!

Místo: Villa Vallila
Organizátoři: Michal Novák, Véronique Lowther-Harris

The first weekend in April was dedicated to Villa Vallila in Červený Újezd u Votic. Our international group made up of 8 volunteers, including students from the NYU managed to work 64 hours in total. Most of the work was  Read more

29.-31.3.  We prepared the castle hotel!

Místo: Spolek Tvrz Veselí
Organizátor: Petr Semkin

Just like a year before, at the end of March we went to the Veselí fortress with an old castle and a beautiful park.Group of 5 volunteers has done wonderful 55 hours of voluntary work! Its maintainers set the ambitious  Read more

22.-24.3.  We helped with renovation of a farm art center

Místo: Farmstudio
Organizátoři: Libor Marek, Véronique Lowther-Harris

March with a campfire on a farm? That’s exactly what we did! On the third weekend of March, eight volunteers from 3 countries spent 64 hours helping to renovate an independent cultural center called Farmstudio. We got really sweaty this  Read more

22.-24.2.  We helped the orchards of a South Moravian monastery

Místo: Hojnost
Organizátor: Barbora Nosková

First Tamjdem Weekend event of 2019 is behind us. And we succeeded again! This time we traveled to a beautiful place with even more beautiful name – Porta Coeli / Heaven’s  Gate/, which is located near the city Tišnov, in Předklášteří  Read more