Weekend with horses in Moravia

13. - 15.9.2019

“The most beautiful view can be seen between the ears of the horse”… Already for the seventh time, we will visit the hipporehabilitation center Ryzáček, a place where horses help with rehabilitation of children and adults. On Friday, September 13, we will set out from Prague to Moravia, to the village of Líšnice in the Šumperk region, where this organization is based.


The aim of the weekend will be to finish the wooden fence and repair the pavement on the sidewalk, we will also paint benches and repair the fence for pheasants. In our free time we can enjoy the surrounding nature and go to Bouzov Castle or Loštice Museum of cheese. Also a lecture on hiporehabilitation and a practical workshop with horse contact will be prepared for us.



The attendance fee is 450 CZK or 380 CZK for students (fill out the number of your ISIC student card in the „Voucher“ box).

What will this price cover?

  • food (except for the Friday dinner)
  • accommodation 
  • ticket for traveling there with the whole group (from Prague)– We buy the tickets from the meeting point to the Weekend location, the rest of them will be reimbursed, you just need to keep your tickets
  • health and liability insurance
  • event organizing and other related costs
  • lots of fun, new friends and amazing experiences, which are priceless : )

Everybody pays his/her ticket for the way back. We advise you to always try to come to the group departure meeting and inform when the group returns, or at least try to travel with some of the people that will participate.

Check out all the terms and conditions for attending the meeting.

The participation fee of 450 CZK:

The basic fee for the Weekend is 450, – which covers the minimum cost of organizing the event. In case you want to support our activity and contribute more, you can increase your fee by any amount. Thank you.

  • must be sent to our transparent bank account 2600956785/2010
  • the variable symbol for the payment is 142019
  • write your full name in the message for the recipient
  • we have to receive the payment within 3 working days starting with the day  we received your application
  • please read the cancellation policy carefully

Why the participation fee was raised to 450 CZK?


MEETING POINT & TRANSPORT: We will meet on Friday, September 13, at 19:05 at the main train station in Prague, in front of the ZOOT shop. Please, be there on time. The train leaves at 19:24 to Mohelnice, where we change to another train. We will arrive to Líšnice, Vyšehorky at 22:41.

RETURN: On Sunday we will probably depart at 16:31 from Mohelnice, arriving to Prague at 18:39.

ADDRESS OF THE PROJECT: Vyšehorky 16, Líšnice 789 85.

ACCOMMODATION: We will sleep on the ground, on our own sleeping mats (or outside in the tent, in you prefer). There will be hot and cold water, toilet. Bring your own sleeping mat and sleeping bag.

FOOD: On Friday evening we will have our own dinner, so do not forget to bring some tasty food that we will share. The food will be provided for the rest of the weekend, but we will cook for ourselves.

WHAT TO BRING: Take slippers, sleeping bag and matslippers, good WORK clothes that can get dirty (depends on weather) and WORK shoes. Also pack good mood, games (if you enjoy playing) and a dinner for Friday.

CONTACT: In case you have a question please contact the Weekend coordinator Bára at vikendy(at)tamjdem.cz, 604 370 797.

We are looking forward to meeting you!