Children’s laughter at Venku

20. - 22.4.2018

Last weekend we had one special weekend project for children and parents.

After more than half a year we returned to the magical, forest-covered Forest Kindergarten Venku. The weather was almost as in summer, but the tree have prepared a wonderful shadow for the whole weekend. We cleaned a lot of fallen leaves around the building and on the stairs and routes, collected a lot of branches in the woods, cleaned the fence from all the unnecessary vegetation, cut wood for heating in magnificent historic stove and more… We had a chance to get to know how the kindergarten works, how the kids (not only) love it and how parents help here in their free time and what excellent cakes (sweet and salty). We also tested a special ecological dry toilet. Children enjoyed not only work, but also all the beauty and opportunities to play in the kindergarten area and its surroundings. On Sunday we went to Střekov Castle, where we did a few “tricky” tasks. The fact that no one, especially children, wanted to go home, was more than clear. And parents are already thinking how to build a swing at home, which was clearly the biggest attraction all weekend.

Thank you very much for a lot of work and amazing moments!

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