Weekend adventure with horses in Ryzáček

13. - 15.9.2019

The first Autumn weekend project took place in the hipporehabilitation center Ryzáček where an international group made up of 7 volunteers from 5 different countries managed to work 70 hours in total.

Thanks to our furry & cuddly friends, the work was a piece of cake and the coming Autumn was treating us with respect as well – we even managed to get sunburnt! The main task was to level out the pavement so that the horse riding clients using wheelchairs could easily access the stables. We ended up fixing a large part of it and made sure that the job was done well enough by taking a test drive. And it worked! On top of that, we have improved the home of a pair of pheasants by leveling the floor and painting their cage. In our free time, we learned a lot about the work of Ryzáček as well as about the local four-legged helpers and we even had the chance to try hippotherapy firsthand on two of the local horses. Besides that, there was enough time for us to sit around the campfire and go for a little walk to the nearby town of Mohelnice.

Big thanks goes to all the volunteers who participated, but also to Ryzáček (and Alena especially) for having us over and taking care of us on this sunny weekend. We absolutely loved it and can’t wait for the next time!

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We’d also like to thank all the donors from Giving Tuesday 2018, cause your donations made this Weekend event possible.