We were building the wall!


The Chříč Brewery in Western Bohemia hosted one of the first weekends of Tamjdem in 2016. The brewery is run by Propolis, z.s. and works as a sheltered workshop for handicapped people. The weather forecast was not very optimistic, but luckily, the reality was much better and the conditions for work were almost ideal.

11 volunteers set out for a journey by bus and train to Chříč on Friday evening. Two more volunteers from Western Bohemia joined us at the brewery, where we all received warm welcome from Propolis representatives Bára and Lukáš. We listened to description of history of Chříč Brewery and Propolis organisation and during dinner got to know all members of the volunteer group.

We started the working part of the weekend on Saturday morning. First group of volunteers under the leadership of wall master Josef Štogr continued the construction of Chříč monument. Unlike most walls, the purpose of this one is not to divide. With its inbuilt stairs the wall connects two parts of the premises, which is used for example as base for regional festivals or summer camps. Another group of volunteers helped to renovate one of the buildings, which would later serve as pub and accommodation facility for volunteers.

After the hard work, Saturday evening was another pleasant get-together with not only Tamjdem volunteers but also with Propolis members and supporters. We discussed many topics and proved, that the source of Chříč beer was truly inexhaustible.


We continued the construction works on Sunday morning and before noon, the wall was a couple of meters bigger than before our arrival on Friday. But regrettably, our time in Chříč was almost up. After lunch we evaluated the weekend shortly and finally left for our regular lives. Tired, but full of optimism and eagerness for Tamjdem and our own jobs and activities.

Big thanks to Bára, Lukáš, Petr, Josef and other good Propolis staff for a magnificent weekend. And even bigger thanks to all volunteers, who contributed to a charitable project with their dedication and hard work.

Check out more photos at our facebook fanpage photoalbum!

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