We’ve built the oven in IC Petrovice!

11. - 13.5.2018

Dozen of brave volunteering souls went to the Information Centre for Youth in Petrovice u Karviné – eastern corner of Czechia, a walk from Poland.

It is such a great place, that we returned there after a fabulous weekend last year. This time we had two main working goals – finishing making the herb garden and building a brand new bread stove. Goals achieved 100%! With some plant seeding and firewood making added… 120%. And good job deserves good fun! During work we tried some shovel quidditch and truckracing, and after – visited known Czech painter Renata Filipová, enjoyed magnificent countryside and had a lovely campfire. Then somebody slept under the starry sky, somebody crossed the Polish border, and everybody took part in a fun quiz organized by IC with cool prizes. IC Petrovice, get us some work next year and we will get to you again!

Thanks to all the volunteers for a great deal of work done!

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