We planted trees for Villa Vallila!

5. - 7.4.2019

The first weekend in April was dedicated to Villa Vallila in Červený Újezd u Votic. Our international group made up of 8 volunteers, including students from the NYU managed to work 64 hours in total.

Most of the work was done in the nearby forest, where we planted more than 200 trees at a clearing, which was attacked by the bark beetle last summer. On top of that, we also planted a couple of fruit trees, helped with turning the compost, did a bit of landscaping in the nearby meadow and cleared out some old building material. Among the debris, we also found a few treasures from the past. Some clients of the villa helped us too, so we’ve had a unique chance to learn more about how the project in Červený Újezd works. We have also heard the story of the villa’s remarkable past and found out more about the reliefs by František Bílek which embellish it. We spent our free time drinking coffee, sitting by the campfire, wandering through the local forests, playing board games and chatting with the clients.

We would like to thank all the volunteers who participated for the plenty of work we have managed to do in such lovely and ambient atmosphere (pun intended, check out the photos!) as well as all the inhabitants of the villa for the pleasant time we spent together!

You can find more pictures from the event on our Facebook!

We’d also like to thank all the donors from Giving Tuesday 2018, cause your donations made this Weekend event possible.