We beautified the art center Naplaveno

11. - 13.10.2019

We spent a wonderfully sunny weekend in a lovely artistic NGO called Naplaveno, located in the Southern Bohemian countryside.

Our group of 7 volunteers worked remarkable 77 hours altogether, planting shrubs, creating a herb spiral, beautifying the landscape, moving grass closer to the sheep, digging a drainage ditch and working on various other landscaping activities. We absolutely loved the weather, so we enjoyed it not only during the work, but also while wandering around. We have walked both on the way to the NGO (a hike with headlamps and a full moon is always highly recommended!), as well as on the way back through the beautiful remains of Borotín fortress. Besides that, Naplaveno prepared a concert for us where we also had the chance to meet the locals. Naturally, there was also a campfire – this time in a fireplace which we dug out on the same day.

We were leaving with a feeling of achievement and we would really like to thank Naplaveno for welcoming us with open arms, taking great care of us throughout the project as well as for inviting us to the upcoming events, which we will be happy to take advantage of.

Find more pictures on our Facebook.

We’d also like to thank all the donors from Giving Tuesday 2018, cause your donations made this Weekend event possible.