Visit of Prague with Tamjdem, meaningful work and community dinner

27. - 27.5.2019

A team of 21 international volunteers (students and professors) arrived from USA to Prague not only because of its famous beauty but also to support the non-profit sector in the Czech Republic.

On Monday, May 27, 2019, a 21-member group with our organizer Vilena arrived at the garden of the NGO Společnost E, in order to support them with 44 volunteer hours of work to further develop the Aranžerie – flower workshop. Thanks to their meaningful work, the garden began to flourish.

What did the volunteers do to make the garden more beautiful?

  • painted fences;
  • washed windows and doors;
  • painted fence around the flowerbeds;
  • did general garden cleaning including weed removal.

In the afternoon, volunteers could also get to know in detail what the non-profit organization is doing, in what areas and in what form it helps and why it this kind of manual help very beneficial for them.

After a beautiful afternoon in the garden, a whole group of volunteers moved to the Fair Food Bistro, which thanks to owner Lele created a welcoming atmosphere for an interesting evening. Thanks to our organizer Petr, the community dinner was in a very pleasant “international” spirit. Foods such as Charco, Iberia, the riccot spread, and the beet spread, which the students and professors also prepared at the beginning of the evening, we being served.

And how the event itself sees the NGO Společnost E?

“Thanks to Tamjdem for providing volunteers for help in our garden and in the house. Thanks a lot to all the volunteers – US citizens who are studying or lecturing in Prague. We are very grateful and inspired by all of you!”

Thank you very much to all volunteers from the USA from the Study Abroad Association for their meaningful and necessary work and we firmly believe that they enjoyed their stay in Prague.

You can see the whole interesting, international day with students and professors in Prague in our FB album.