Two weeks in the animal rescue shelter

Twelve volunteers from all over the world gathered at the rescue shelter in Trebon to work for a good cause for two weeks. To take care of animals and get to know the Czech Republic.

We worked three hours in the morning and afternoon every day. Most of the work took place in a nearby meadow where we rebuilt the fireplace, moved the stones to the rock garden, dug a flower bed and planted flowers, built a compost and raised flower beds, cut the grass in the rising public garden! Also, we painted all the wooden planks, from which we then built. We built big flower pots, transplanted seedlings and collected new plant seeds. We moved large pieces of wood and brought lots of soil to the flower pots and flower beds. All in summer weather. Despite this, we worked with enthusiasm and positive motivation. We enjoyed the hard work. Everything we created together had a deeper meaning. We quickly learned to work as a team, help and care for each other. Also, because of the evenings full of funny games and talks. We just enjoyed the time we were together! We also enjoyed an “international dinner” where we tried many tastes and cuisines. During our free days, we got to know the Czech Republic, its culture and traditional Czech food and beer. We love it! Moreover, we helped to feed the animals or walk the otters, which gratefully played in the water. We did a lot of work and learned many new things. About ourselves, our limits, other countries and their customs, and about animals.

We were leaving with a feeling of well done work, with respect for the people who dedicated their lives to animals and their rescue. We have made new friendships and many memories that we will never forget. Thank you!

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