The fairytale festival

14361252_10155224091423502_5409245766285444896_oOur second weekend project of September took place in Jičín during the Festival of fairytale. The event was trully unique. We enjoyed our work as well as the free time in the town of Jičín which, for the special weekend, turned into a great circus with plenty of acrobatic, art and other creative activities and theatrical performances. At first we joined the creative workshops such as painting children´s faces, coloring hair, juggling… and everyone of us got a chance to try or learn something new. On Saturday we had a bit more serious roles at the infocenter and as the vendors of the Festival´s newspapers. And finally on Sunday we took part in an educational trip on a steam train to a sand quarry. We enjoyed the beautiful nature near Jičín and learned some interesting facts about the sand production. The work and fun were mixed ideally…
It is hard to believe that we managed all this in only 3 days!
Big thanks to the group of 7 volunteers and the team of the Festival organizers.
Have a look at more pictures in our Facebook photo album.

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