Explore the volunteering possibilities

Do you want to move your life to a higher level? Go beyond borders, and not only those of the Czech Republic, but also those of your comfort zone! Join other volunteers from all around the world and help projects,... Číst dál

Festivals at the edge of the world!

What about combining helping others with having fun? The international workcamp database is full of festivals of all flavours and you still do not have all your plans for the summer set? All you need is to communicate in English,... Číst dál

Asian holiday and much more!

Although it is still cold outside, some of us would love to see themselves already on holidays.  Ideally somewhere warm and away from home! It is time to set your priorities for summer 2018 and if you find a desire... Číst dál

Season of unforgettable experiences is here!

Do you feel like helping in places in need? Exploring new counties, meeting new people and having fun for a good cause? Are you interested in current events, world’s problems and you want to know about everything firsthand? So do... Číst dál

Photo competition 2018

What can you can experience on volunteer projects? Share your pictures and show the world that volunteering is worth a try! Not sure what kind of pictures we’re looking for? Any! Pictures of you, your work, free time or travel.... Číst dál

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    24. - 26. 5. 2019
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