Spring cleaning in the Wallenstein Loggia

12. - 14.4.2019

Just another wonderful Weekend event, where 11 volunteers went to a place full of romance and history near city Jičín. The name of the place is Wallenstein Loggia. Although it might not seem, but during the weekend we worked an incredible 110 hours.

On Friday evening we got the opportunity to see the amazing puppet show „Nejmenší ze Sámů“ (The smallest of the Sami), based on a story about the Lappish Reindeer shepperd. On Saturday we started to work and our main activity was cleaning the space of the Loggia for the upcoming reconstruction. We worked with enthusiasm and carried a lot of things out into the yard. From scaffold tubes to lots of theater props. Subsequently, we’ve put the props into another place. There was also cleaning of the Loggia, where brooms and shovels played the main role. For the hard work we were rewarded with an excellent home cuisine with some great cakes and a we visited a local cafe. On Saturday night, the castellan Jirka prepared a presentation of activities that are held in this area.

It is important to thank all the volunteers for their time and commitment, which have turned into a lot of work done. Thank you and see you next time!

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We’d also like to thank all the donors from Giving Tuesday 2018, cause your donations made this Weekend event possible.