We showed some power in the mountains

7. - 9.9.2018

Nine Tamjdem volunteers went to the organization Amrita for a unique Weekend trip – perhaps the noisiest, the deepest and the soberest TamJdem weekend trip ever! Weve done 90 hours of voluntary work during these days.

Amrita is an organization dedicated to self-help and personal development. The atmosphere there totally inspires for that! The place is lost and hidden – surrounded by forest, rivers, fields and mountains, with natural darkness and starry starry sky. All that gave us a lot of food for thought… as well as a lot of energy for work! On Saturday we cut some tremendous amount of wood (for heating in winter) and gathered countless stones (for basement to the future sauna). For several hours in a row, two chainsaws, one circular saw and a motor trolley were on – no surprise the rest of the day we mostly enjoyed in the silence. A calm campfire at night, awesome local volunteers Eva and David and the humongous fluffy guardian dog Barney catalyzed the overall pleasant impressions of the trip. Hope to come back next year!

We thank all the volunteers for really great job!

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