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Animals, Citizen´s initiative, Culture, Heritage protection, Kids and youngsters, Nature, People with disadvantages, Personal development


The independent project of the Farmstudio Cultural Center is situated in the Kokořínsko Protected Landscape Area in the unique premises of a former farmhouse from the early 19th century, in Vysoká village. It provides background for creative residential stays, symposiums,... Číst dál


Hojnost (Abundance) is a community of people who have 2 things in common – they live in Tišnov city and they chose to take responsibility for their own life and the environment they live in. Their main theme is food:... Číst dál

Spolecnost E

Spolecnost E is a non-profit organization that helps people with the epilepsy diagnosis live better lives and fulfil their potential. The organization raises awareness about this illness, provides social and health care services and runs a community centre for public... Číst dál

Community garden Kuchynka

The community garden Kuchyňka was established by connecting different lands after a defunct gardening colony. Thanks to the support of landowners and enthusiasts, there has been a unique space created, that is not only visually pleasant but also beneficial to... Číst dál

Ochrana fauny ČR

This NGO was established in 1998 and its mission is the protection of wildlife and its habitat in Czech republic. In Votice, also thanks to devoted work of many volunteers, part of the devastated area of former horticulture has transformed... Číst dál


The organization Amrita is dedicated to education in psychosocial and emotional intelligence and psychology, adult, children and youth education. People of Amrita live and work in the location of Nebeská Rybná in the mountains “Orlické Hory”, in a beautiful area... Číst dál

Centrum Tábor

The  social-therapeutic center Tábor, located in the Bohemian Paradise has ​​been established in 1993. Its purpose is to create a free space where people can meet, co-operate, enrich each other and create a new culture of interpersonal relationships with people with... Číst dál

Centrum integrace dětí a mládeže

Center for integration of children and youth, supports the educational, therapeutic and leisure activities of children and young people with specific needs and seeks to create the conditions for their integration among the healthy population. It provides social assistance, counseling... Číst dál

Dolní Mlýn

Dolní Mlýn is the last of the three Bíteš mills lying in the picturesque valley of the Bítýška stream, which continues under the mill as the White Stream to Šmelcovně and Brno. The first written mention of the mills dates... Číst dál


Boii was founded in autumn 2002 to preserve and present the Celtic roots in Nasavrk and its surroundings. The main purpose of their activities is to preserve historical traditions in the region and the whole Czech Republic as well as... Číst dál
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