Véronique Lowther-Harris

Weekend projects organizers

What I absolutely adore about Tamjdem is that you can help various other NGOs. Each event is different, but the important things remain – amazing participants, relaxed atmosphere and shared enthusiasm to help others. I like that you don’t have to travel far in order to experience something exceptional and you also get the chance to see places which you would never discover by yourself. And besides helping others, it’s a great way to simply take a break from day-to-day life, move your body, socialise, and learn something new. Personally, I can’t imagine a better combination.

Realized projects and events

13-15.9.2019  Weekend adventure with horses in Ryzáček

Místo: Ryzáček


The first Autumn weekend project took place in the hipporehabilitation center Ryzáček where an international group made up of 7 volunteers from 5 different countries managed to work 70 hours in total. Thanks to our furry & cuddly friends, the ... Číst dál

11-13.10.2019  We beautified the art center Naplaveno

Místo: Naplaveno


We spent a wonderfully sunny weekend in a lovely artistic NGO called Naplaveno, located in the Southern Bohemian countryside. Our group of 7 volunteers worked remarkable 77 hours altogether, planting shrubs, creating a herb spiral, beautifying the landscape, moving grass ... Číst dál

5-7.4.2019  We planted trees for Villa Vallila!

Místo: Villa Vallila


The first weekend in April was dedicated to Villa Vallila in Červený Újezd u Votic. Our international group made up of 8 volunteers, including students from the NYU managed to work 64 hours in total. Most of the work was ... Číst dál

22-24.3.2019  We helped with renovation of a farm art center

Místo: Farmstudio


March with a campfire on a farm? That’s exactly what we did! On the third weekend of March, eight volunteers from 3 countries spent 64 hours helping to renovate an independent cultural center called Farmstudio. We got really sweaty this ... Číst dál