Petr Semkin

Weekend projects organizers

I learned about TamJdem via word-of-mouth in summer’17. I liked the idea of weekend trips and did three in a row. Different places and activities but everytime enthusiastic people and new experience. Less general words, more examples! Used a sleeping bag for the first time, felt like a dwarf with a pickaxe, got a concert buddy. People to run TamJdem are simply altruistic so I feel close to them and want to contribute to organization. Professionally I do software development, and my hobbies include music, reading, traveling, couchsurfing, guitar, technology, coffee and some strange stuff 🙂

Realized projects and events

27.5.2019  Visit of Prague with Tamjdem, meaningful work and community dinner

Místo: Spolecnost E

A team of 21 international volunteers (students and professors) arrived from USA to Prague not only because of its famous beauty but also to support the non-profit sector in the Czech Republic. On Monday, May 27, 2019, a 21-member group ... Číst dál

3-5.5.2019  We built a fence for goats and sheeps

Místo: Ochrana fauny ČR


Last weekend the twelve of us volunteers went to Hrachov to help the organization Ochrana Fauny, located in the heart of the nature. Altogether we have done 144 hours of volunteer work! We accommodated in the house where our neighbors ... Číst dál

29-31.3.2019  We prepared the castle hotel!

Místo: Spolek Tvrz Veselí


Just like a year before, at the end of March we went to the Veselí fortress with an old castle and a beautiful park.Group of 5 volunteers has done wonderful 55 hours of voluntary work! Its maintainers set the ambitious ... Číst dál

7-9.9.2018  We showed some power in the mountains

Místo: Amrita


Nine Tamjdem volunteers went to the organization Amrita for a unique Weekend trip – perhaps the noisiest, the deepest and the soberest TamJdem weekend trip ever! We’ve done 90 hours of voluntary work during these days. Amrita is an organization ... Číst dál

11-13.5.2018  We’ve built the oven in IC Petrovice!

Místo: IC Petrovice u Karviné, z.s.


Dozen of brave volunteering souls went to the Information Centre for Youth in Petrovice u Karviné – eastern corner of Czechia, a walk from Poland. It is such a great place, that we returned there after a fabulous weekend last ... Číst dál

20-22.10.2017  Rolling Stones at Švýcárna!

Místo: Ecological Leisure Center Švýcárna


Last weekend trip of October we devoted to the place called Švýcárna, an ecological center in the heart of Moravia, not far from Brno. Friday night we spent in Brno itself, met by Švýcárna’s representative Alexander, a merry and easy-going ... Číst dál