Mirek Ryšán

Weekend projects organizers

I pitched in by mistake at one Weekend … : ), met new amazing people and places…Places which give more than they take. And people who make you feel full of energy and belief that you have the power to change things. I found out that work “for free” is meaningful and… I gladly stuck to it!
So try it too – maybe we’ll manage to make the world a little better! And pay attention! Volunteering is highly addictive!
When not grubbing around in the soil in one of Tamjdem events, I trace wild beasts in woods as a coordinator of Lynx Guards for Hnutí Duha and I am more or less involved in other not-for-profit projects. If I have a spare moment, I like torturing my guitar or I wander around Czech Republic or foreign countries. Be it on my two-wheeled iron-hearted steed or just with a backpack and a camera in hand.

Realized projects and events

16-18.6.2017  We visited a prehistoric settlement

Místo: Bacrie


Is it or it is not possible to travel in time? Maybe. For this event, we went to the town of Česká Třebová and further to the village of Křivolík, where the organization Bacrie welcomed us and prepared great work. ... Číst dál