Marie Makovská

Weekend projects organizers

Everything that I do is around people, children, nature, and health…which is giving me tons of energy. My biggest goal if lifelong career and personal development, that I will be enjoying the same way as I am now. Volunteering gives meaning and joy to my life because I can meet lots of people with different life stories who are connected by the same goal.

Realized projects and events

22.6.2019  We helped at the Community garden Kotlaska

Místo: Community center and garden Kotlaska


Last Saturday we went to the Community Garden Kotlaska to help with several tasks. It was raining when we were planning work, and it seemed that we were going to work in the rain. The weather has changed few times ... Číst dál

3-5.5.2019  We built a fence for goats and sheeps

Místo: Ochrana fauny ČR


Last weekend the twelve of us volunteers went to Hrachov to help the organization Ochrana Fauny, located in the heart of the nature. Altogether we have done 144 hours of volunteer work! We accommodated in the house where our neighbors ... Číst dál

25-27.5.2018  Weekend with horses at Ryzáček!

Místo: Ryzáček


Last weekend we – group of 9 volunteers – decided to help one lovely hippotherapy center called Ryzáček. After almost 3 hour train drive, we received a very warm welcome from both human and animal members of Ryzacek family 🙂 ... Číst dál

14.12.2019  Family time at Farma Naděje


Last Friday, we have arrived to Farma Naděje (Farm of Hope), with our little and adult volunteers, and the whole weekend was a bit “punk”. Immediately after our arrival, we’ve received a very warm welcome by the farm owners – ... Číst dál