Lenka Chocholouskova

Weekend projects organizers

I have been in the world of volunteering for years, and I can not remember how I came across Tamjdem. The way to my first Weekend with Tamjdem took a couple of years, and if I had a tendency to lament, I would have asked myself why I had not started going with Tamjdem long ago: 0)! I enjoy visiting places where I would not normally go, meet different people, work with my hands and turn off my computer for the whole weekend. I enjoy doing volunteering “on my own” and not just from the table and seeing the results of the joint effort. I enjoy Tamjdem!

Realized projects and events

14.12.2019  Two weeks in the animal rescue shelter

Twelve volunteers from all over the world gathered at the rescue shelter in Trebon to work for a good cause for two weeks. To take care of animals and get to know the Czech Republic. We worked three hours in ... Číst dál

17-19.5.2019  Enjoy a family weekend in the Island of Nature

Místo: Ostrov přírody


We are inviting all the active moms, skillful dads, spirited girls and playful boys to join this family weekend volunteer project. In this alternative outdoor kindergarten in Trutnov, children are taught to love nature, to be confident and believe in ... Číst dál

13-15.4.2018  Like Celts

Místo: Boii


We went to Nasavrky in the middle of April. We learned something about the life of the Celts. We helped to local organization Boii organization, which takes care of the local open-air museum (and not just that), to build a ... Číst dál

7-9.7.2017  We helped Práh Centre in Brno

Místo: Práh jižní Morava, z.ú.


This time we went to Brno, to the organization Práh, which helps adults with serious mental illness to integrate into their common life. We spent all the weekend in their therapeutic garden, where we were sanding and painting 3 benches. ... Číst dál

19-26.6.2017  We spent 8 unforgettable days in a wonderful place!

Místo: Ryzáček


We were with a group of volunteers at Olomouc Region in organization Ryzáček for the penultimate week in June. Ryzáček operates hippotherapy and other activities with horses. This beautiful place, where we were enjoying the silence around, horse-wagging, birds singing ... Číst dál

21-23.4.2017  We cheered the NORTH kids up

Místo: Environmental Education Centre SEVER


There we were in Horní Maršov to help local non-profit organization SEVER. We slept in the most beautiful local school and we worked on school’s patio and on the garden of the DOTEK farm nearby, too. Within 119 working hours ... Číst dál