Láďa Hencl

Weekend projects organizers

During my wanderings, I often find interesting places and encounter different enthusiasts trying to make our world more beautiful. When I was looking for possibilities of getting more involved, I found Tamjdem. I have tried it for several times, and there have always been great events full of experiences and encounters with interesting people. Besides that, It’s a great way of stretching my body after sitting by the computer at work, and finally, I can enjoy a look at a piece of work, that we have done!

Realized projects and events

12-14.4.2019  Spring cleaning in the Wallenstein Loggia

Místo: Wallenstein Loggia


Just another wonderful Weekend event, where 11 volunteers went to a place full of romance and history near city Jičín. The name of the place is Wallenstein Loggia. Although it might not seem, but during the weekend we worked an ... Číst dál

5. - 7. 6. 2020
26. - 28. 6. 2020
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