Jirka Sládek

Weekend projects organizers

Tamjdem and I had been looking for each other for a longer time, until we finally found each other in 2015. My mind, tired of work at a computer, relaxes at the weekend, while my hands help where it is really necessary. Building, demolishing, cleaning.. in fact, any physical work is a great way of relaxation for me. When I add work in the fresh air and meeting a bunch of like-minded people to it, Tamjdem becomes almost an addictive thing. I always return from the Weekends being tired but full of positive energy for following weeks and months. Don’t you believe me? Try it too!

Realized projects and events

20-22.9.2019  We prepared Center Veronica for Apple Celebration

Místo: Centrum Veronica


10 volunteers went to the Veronica Ecological Institute in the last days of warm September. We managed to prepare everything for the Celebration of apples, which is held a week later. Veronica Center is located in the beautiful surroundings of ... Číst dál

1-3.9.2017  Weekend at castle Sovinec

Místo: Castle Sovinec


First Weekend in September took place on the other side of the Czech Republic, at castle Sovinec. We had fun from the very beginning! Upon arrival, we equipped our volunteers with raincoats and headlamps and sent them on slalom between ... Číst dál