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Realized projects and events

21.7.2019  Summer campfire with Tamjdem

Místo: Community center and garden Kotlaska

What belongs to summer more than relax, sun, water and time spent with friends? We don’t forget about you even in the summer, that’s why we’d like to meet up, this time not for work, but in a more relaxed ... Číst dál

23.6.2019  TamZAjdem: Demonstration and beer

On SUNDAY, June 23, Tamjdem sets off for a demonstration at Letná. If you like, join us there, or come later for a refreshing drink at the “NA SLAMNÍKU” pub at 18:30. We will share fun stories of the (almost ... Číst dál

12.12.2018  Christmas party

Christmas is just around the corner, so Tamjdem wants to celebrate the end of the season with you – our volunteers, supporters, fans, friends, thanks to whom we can proclaim the year 2018 as successful and full of great voluntary ... Číst dál

17.8.2019  Fun and cleaning on Island of nature

Místo: Ostrov přírody


5 children, 4 adults and 47 hours of voluntary work – it was a weekend full of volunteering, chilren’s laughter and fun. We were happy to return to Ostrov přírody once again. And so, on Friday evening, our volunteers were ... Číst dál

27-29.7.2018  Relaxed Weekend in retro style

Místo: Centrum integrace dětí a mládeže


Our first Weekend of the season was pretty unique in many ways. First of all, it was truly „mini“, covered not only in cobwebs,  but also filled with relaxed retro atmosphere of spa town and lots of goodness from the ... Číst dál

20-22.4.2018  Children’s laughter at Venku

Místo: Forest kindergarten Venku


Last weekend we had one special weekend project for children and parents. After more than half a year we returned to the magical, forest-covered Forest Kindergarten Venku. The weather was almost as in summer, but the tree have prepared a ... Číst dál

19-21.5.2017  Help arround & rock in the Neratov church

Místo: Neratov, z.s.


Again, a year after the last event, we went to help to the breathtaking Neratov hidden among the green hills of Orlické hory mountains by the border with Poland. This year we have been working mainly around the local dominant ... Číst dál

17-19.6.2016  Living village of Neratov

Místo: Neratov, z.s.


During the last weekend when visiting the Association Neratov in Orlické hory we created a floor in the local pub, sorted some wood and tons of useless material. Beside this, we cut wood for Chata Neratov and later also branches ... Číst dál

23-25.10.2015  Neratov association – extraordinary help at extraordinary place

Místo: Neratov, z.s.


We spent an amazing weekend, full of autumn colors at a very special, inspirational place. Right after the arrival on Friday we started the weekend with a pleasant dinner picnic, got to know each other better and had a good ... Číst dál