Ivana Kocikova

Weekend projects organizers

A man is naturally creative. He should create. It is the basic essence of its existence. And I want to create. To create something that has meaning and value.

I’m bored with a society that only cares about itself, who has closed eyes and plays only on its own sand. I refuse to accept this status and want to participate publicly. However, every voluntary activity has its own reasons. I want to know these reasons, I want to look for the causes together. I want to teach my surroundings to open my eyes and look at the real world.

In short, to open that primary essence.

And it all starts very plainly and simply. It starts with getting up and going! Going there with Tamjdem.

Realized projects and events

20-22.4.2018  Children’s laughter at Venku

Místo: Forest kindergarten Venku


Last weekend we had one special weekend project for children and parents. After more than half a year we returned to the magical, forest-covered Forest Kindergarten Venku. The weather was almost as in summer, but the tree have prepared a ... Číst dál

28-30.4.2017  We created a community herb garden

Místo: IC Petrovice u Karviné, z.s.


Our group of volunteers went to help the local Information Centre for Youth to the easternmost part of the Czech Republic to Petrovice u Karviné. We started a community garden there and it was worth it! The sun was shining, ... Číst dál