Barbora Nosková

Coordinators, Weekend projects organizers

Few years ago I started my volunteering journey and since then I haven’t stopped. Back then, little did I know that volunteering will change my life in so many ways! Most of all, I learnt that volunteering is not only about giving, but also about receiving – experience, friendships, memories and most importantly, good feeling. And why did I choose Tamjdem? In my opinion, Tamjdem is a quite unique organization, since it provides people of all ages, nationalities and professions with an opportunity to become a volunteer, even just for a day!

Realized projects and events

21.7.2019  Summer campfire with Tamjdem

Místo: Community center and garden Kotlaska

What belongs to summer more than relax, sun, water and time spent with friends? We don’t forget about you even in the summer, that’s why we’d like to meet up, this time not for work, but in a more relaxed ... Číst dál

23.6.2019  TamZAjdem: Demonstration and beer

On SUNDAY, June 23, Tamjdem sets off for a demonstration at Letná. If you like, join us there, or come later for a refreshing drink at the “NA SLAMNÍKU” pub at 18:30. We will share fun stories of the (almost ... Číst dál

5-7.4.2019  Švýcárna is ready for the spring season!

Místo: Ecological Leisure Center Švýcárna


On the first weekend of April, we went to Švýcárna again, deep in the valley of the Moravian Karst. 12 volunteers and one “dog volunteer” worked together amazing 108 hours of volunteer work. We helped with the final adjustments of ... Číst dál

22-24.2.2019  We helped the orchards of a South Moravian monastery

Místo: Hojnost


First Tamjdem Weekend event of 2019 is behind us. And we succeeded again! This time we traveled to a beautiful place with even more beautiful name – Porta Coeli / Heaven’s  Gate/, which is located near the city Tišnov, in Předklášteří ... Číst dál

12.12.2018  Christmas party


Christmas is just around the corner, so Tamjdem wants to celebrate the end of the season with you – our volunteers, supporters, fans, friends, thanks to whom we can proclaim the year 2018 as successful and full of great voluntary ... Číst dál

28-30.9.2018  Meditating all weekend while cutting the grass

Místo: Ecological Leisure Center Švýcárna


On Friday, September 28, we began our journey from Prague Central Station to the valley of Moravian Karst, legendary place – Švýcárna . 10 volunteers took part in the Weekend and did 100 hours of volunteer work. After an adventurous ... Číst dál

14-16.9.2018  Wooden boards and Dixit in Children’s Villages

Místo: SOS children´s village Brno


In the mid September, we’ve been heading to SOS Children’s villages once again, but this time in Brno. 8 volunteers have done 80 hours of voluntary work throughout the weekend. Weather, as usually in September, was pleasant so we’ve been ... Číst dál

24-26.8.2018  Summer potatoe harvesting

Místo: Centrum Tábor


The last weekend of this summer on 24th – 26th August was held at the Tabor Academy of Social Arts (Akademie sociálního umění Tabor).  The journey itself has made this weekend a great adventure – it all started with the intense rain which ... Číst dál