AREA Viva, z.s.


The non-profit organization AREA Viva was founded in 2001 in a small village called Valeč with the aim to support and develop sustainable forms of agriculture and life in the countryside, and to promote ecological farming in the Czech republic. The Valeč bio farm,  as one of the project of the organization, serves greatly for the school educational programs about farming and farm animals. AREA viva also coordinates the international WWOOF program for the CR.

Valeč č.p.7, 364 55

Jaké se tu konaly projekty?

We spent some amazing days in a farm in Valeč

Have you heard the story of Girls who went to Valec? If not, then listen closely… Once there were four girls who decided to go on an adventure. And a few days on a farm could truly be called that.

Organizátor: Tereza Ochotna

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Building latrines and sunbathing in the Valeč eco-farm


We spent the first weekend of April in beautiful small village Valeč near Karlovy Vary, we went there to help Area Viva, ecological non-profit organisation. Although we were a small group of six volunteers, we did a great job by

Organizátor: Martina Langrova

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Bricklaying in Valeč – you do not get cold when working hard


During our first Weekend project in October, we headed to AREA Viva in Karlovy Vary region. We slept in a yurt, cooked lunch and dinner in the local field kitchen all surrounded by so much of sheep. It was really

Organizátor: Markéta Votavová

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Sheep everywhere around you


To get from Prague to Valeč, which has about 400 inhabitants, it takes two and a half hours by train. And then it is still a seven kilometers walk. Unless you get a ride, if you are lucky enough. It

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Mud everywhere…even in the hair


Location: AREA Viva, Bio-farm Valeč Organizer: Markéta Votavová We were a group of 8 volunteers, Czechs and foreigners at this weekend and we dedicated our volunteering energy to the bio-farm of the organization AREA Viva in Valeč. A lot of different

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