The Czech Otter Endowment Fund

Nature, Animals

The Czech Otter Endowment Fund is an NGO founded in 1993, dealing with the protection of nature and the environment. By creating a positive relationship and a responsible approach to nature conservation and the environment, it strives to contribute to the sustainable development of society. It takes the otter as a flag species and symbol for nature protection and the environment. The main goal of the organization is to increase the tolerance, respect and responsibility of society towards nature and the environment and to break through the black and white perception of nature.

Český nadační fond pro vydru

Jateční 311, 379 01 Třeboň

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Autumn work in the garden of Animal rescue station


After a sudden change of weather and with a forecast of rainy weekend, we set out on Friday, October 4, with a group of 9 volunteers to the picturesque small city Třeboň, where the NGO Český nadační fond pro vydru operates a rescue

Organizátoři: Anička Černá, Jitka Mertlíková

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