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Civic associations Ryzáček in Vyšehorky (near Šumperk)  is engaged in hippotherapy for children and adults with multiple disabilities since 2006. Hippotherapy is a special rehabilitation with horse riding and other movement on horseback. In addition to this interesting rehabilitation Ryzáček also carries out activities for children associated with exploring the world of horses.


Vyšehorky 16, 789 85 Líšnice

Jaké se tu konaly projekty?

Weekend adventure with horses in Ryzáček


The first Autumn weekend project took place in the hipporehabilitation center Ryzáček where an international group made up of 7 volunteers from 5 different countries managed to work 70 hours in total. Thanks to our furry & cuddly friends, the

Organizátoři: Michal Novák, Véronique Lowther-Harris

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Weekend with horses at Ryzáček!


Last weekend we – group of 9 volunteers – decided to help one lovely hippotherapy center called Ryzáček. After almost 3 hour train drive, we received a very warm welcome from both human and animal members of Ryzacek family 🙂

Organizátor: Marie Makovská

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We spent 8 unforgettable days in a wonderful place!


We were with a group of volunteers at Olomouc Region in organization Ryzáček for the penultimate week in June. Ryzáček operates hippotherapy and other activities with horses. This beautiful place, where we were enjoying the silence around, horse-wagging, birds singing

Organizátor: Lenka Chocholouskova

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The work rehabilitation


We went to the Ryzacek organization for the second time this year already. The documentary about Tamjdem made by the Czech television was created during the first weekend in this non-profit organization, you can read more about it here (only

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Where horses help and Tamjdem with them


Location: Ryzacek o.s., Vysehorky, distr. Sumperk Organizer: Marketa Votavova Ryzacek is a place where horses run in their corral and put their head into your dinner after they’ve done their job – hippotherapy. Ryzacek is also a place where many

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