Association Naplaveno aims to promote and create culture in and around the Jistebnice region, bringing together artists and locals through residencies, developing crafts by organizing workshops and educating through lectures and seminars. Cottage with a barn in the small village Stružinec offers the opportunity to create, rest and move away from the noise of cities. It offers space where people can come and concentrate on their artistic activities.

Naplaveno, z.s.

Stružinec 8, 391 33 Jistebnice


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We beautified the art center Naplaveno


We spent a wonderfully sunny weekend in a lovely artistic NGO called Naplaveno, located in the Southern Bohemian countryside. Our group of 7 volunteers worked remarkable 77 hours altogether, planting shrubs, creating a herb spiral, beautifying the landscape, moving grass

Organizátor: Véronique Lowther-Harris

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