Forest kindergarten Venku

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The forest kindergarten Venku represents the first kindergarten of this type in Ústi nad Labem. As part of this kindergarten, children get the chance to explore the real world, work with certain tools, take care of animals, climb trees with friends, contribute to the activities and the whole training program. But not only that, they can enjoy traditions, holidays and, overall, a great deal of adventures. The purpose of the outdoor kindergarten is that children can establish a closer connection with the nature inspiring them and make them naturally acquiring a healthy lifestyle, in order to increase their adaptability, self-confidence, independence and all characteristics and the instruments they need so that they can have a happy and successful life.

Lesní mateřská školka Venku, z.s.
Brná 36, 403 21 Ústí nad Labem

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Children’s laughter at Venku


Last weekend we had one special weekend project for children and parents. After more than half a year we returned to the magical, forest-covered Forest Kindergarten Venku. The weather was almost as in summer, but the tree have prepared a

Organizátoři: Ivana Kocikova, Jana Rudysova, Markéta Votavová

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We built a fence against mouflons in a forest nursery!


Apply for our weekend project that will take place at the end of August and contribute to the construction of an outside kindergarten, where children learn new things in a different way.

Organizátor: Tereza Hacová

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