Community center and garden Kotlaska

Nature, Citizen´s initiative

Kotlaska offers the opportunity to diversify the leisure time of the locals (or visitors) of Prague, especially in the Libeň and Karlín locations, the opportunity to grow their own fruits, vegetables, herbs or flowers. Another purpose of the Center is to support people with a criminal history through work training for garden maintenance and center operations, counseling and participation in leisure activities.

Rubikon Centrum, z.ú.

Nad Kotlaskou I., 180 00 Prague 8

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Summer campfire with Tamjdem

What belongs to summer more than relax, sun, water and time spent with friends? We don’t forget about you even in the summer, that’s why we’d like to meet up, this time not for work, but in a more relaxed

Organizátoři: Barbora Nosková, Jana Rudysova

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We helped at the Community garden Kotlaska


Last Saturday we went to the Community Garden Kotlaska to help with several tasks. It was raining when we were planning work, and it seemed that we were going to work in the rain. The weather has changed few times

Organizátoři: Jana Šmatová, Marie Makovská

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