Ochrana fauny ČR

Nature, Animals

This NGO was established in 1998 and its mission is the protection of wildlife and its habitat in Czech republic. In Votice, also thanks to devoted work of many volunteers, part of the devastated area of former horticulture has transformed into a station for injured animals. At the same time there was established a center of ecological education. The station is opened to the public, it offers excursions, lectures and discussions. In addition to the station and ecocentre, the organization is dedicated to implementing a number of species protection programs, providing care for preserved natural sites in the region, organizing nationwide nature conservation campaigns, providing expert advice – eco counseling and creating many information materials. The NGO closely cooperates with municipalities, towns and institutions in the region as well as with other non-governmental organizations and individuals.

Ochrana fauny ČR, o.p.s.


Hrachov 13, Svatý Jan, 262 56 / Motýlárium: Zámecká ul. 810, Votice 259 01

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We built a fence for goats and sheeps


Last weekend the twelve of us volunteers went to Hrachov to help the organization Ochrana Fauny, located in the heart of the nature. Altogether we have done 144 hours of volunteer work! We accommodated in the house where our neighbors

Organizátoři: Marie Makovská, Petr Semkin

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Protecting nature and butterflies in Votice


On the last nice autumn days in October we headed to the organization Ochrana Fauny, for a weekend in the name of nature protection. Our international group of volunteers did 70 hours of work throughout the weekend. Protection of the

Organizátor: Alexandra Wedl

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