We built a fence for goats and sheeps

3. - 5.5.2019

Last weekend the twelve of us volunteers went to Hrachov to help the organization Ochrana Fauny, located in the heart of the nature. Altogether we have done 144 hours of volunteer work! We accommodated in the house where our neighbors were snakes and fishes peacefully residing in their terrariums and aquariums.

We had a galore dinner and went to sleep hearing bubbling water. The initial plan was to build a fence for sheep and goats but the weather was not really suitable for that, especially on Saturday. Therefore some part of the day we spent clearing another already fenced garden from branches, burning them in a giant bonfire. We cleared nearly the whole space before the rain became so heavy we had to leave. Currently we are the biggest group of volunteers ever gathered at that place – 14 of us together with Ochrana Fauny members! During the weekend we learned a lot about nature and its protection, Czech flora and fauna, and especially butterflies and amphibians. We visited a “hospital” for wounded animals where we could even pet some of them. We also played a hell lot of games, some traditional and some, let’s say, very special. The activities of Ochrana Fauny are inspiring and motivating. The organization operates at different places near Příbram and we definitely recommend visiting them.

We would like to thank all the volunteers for such a great time and hard work!

Find more pictures on our Facebook.

We’d also like to thank all the donors from Giving Tuesday 2018, cause your donations made this Weekend event possible.