We have built a camp!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor our last spring Weekend we headed to help turistic association TOM Dumánci near the city of Tábor. There were 12 volunteers and some of the locals altogether building their tents for the upcoming Czech and Spanish children camp. Not only that, we also managed to clean a storage and kitchen, put down the old roof cover replacing it with a new one. We further cut small pieces of wood to set fire and got rid of nails from old wood to use them for some new purpose. Besides this, we did not forget about swimming in the Lužnice river, a boat trip and seeing a beautiful and historical bridge which was transported there in the 1970’s from the Vltava river. The calm and nice atmosphere was also composed by guitar playing, laughing and a typical Czech barbequing. Thank you all for this great Weekend!
For more pictures from this Weekend, have a look at our Facebook page photo album.

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