A week full of volunteering with the International School of Prague

A week full of volunteering with the International School of Prague

During the week from September 2 to September 6, 2019, Tamjdem, together with students and teachers of the International School of Prague were helping at various NGOs as volunteers. And it was a week full of new experiences, manual work, interesting places, meaningful moments and non-profit organizations.

18 hardworking and enthusiastic students and teachers visited interesting places and did meaningful work.

On Monday September 2, we got to know each other a bit more and shared our expectations from the whole week. It was great to hear how many young people already experience with volunteering across different areas. After that, students and teachers set off with Trash Hero to clean the area by picking the garbage around.

On Tuesday, September 3, we set out for Prague 8, where we spent the day in the Community center and garden Kotlaska. Organized by Bára (one of the young delegates of the Czech Republic in the UN / 4th year of the program) and Kateřina, head of the community garden and social project Rubikon Center, who joined us from morning till afternoon. They clearly and briefly explained the work in both Czech and English. Thanks to the variety of work in the garden, everyone could try something different.

So together we:

  • cut grass,
  • picked fruit in the garden,
  • picked tomatoes,
  • weeded flower beds
  • assembled furniture for the yurt,
  • cut branches and wood.

We finished the day with juicing apples, which we collected in the garden ourselves. Among other things, we also learned how Rubikon and the community garden work and how they are helping their clients.

We have done 76 hours or volunteer work at Kotlaska.

On Wednesday, September 4, together with the organizer Eva, we visited Toulcův dvůr in Prague. We were more than satisfied with the weather, so we spent all day doing all kinds of work:

  1. we weeded the area around the corral for horses,
  2. plowed the field and
  3. weeded the flower beds.

We also enjoyed the afternoon guided tour around the area. Altogether, we have done wonderful 57 volunteer hours or volunteer work at Toulcov dvůr.

On Thursday, September 5, we left Prague to visit another non-profit organization – ParaZOO. Students and teachers with our organizer Eva:

  • took care of the garden,
  • cleaned terrariums for otters,
  • cleaned all bird cages,
  • took care of animals (including feeding),
  • wiped out the entrance corridors,
  • sanded and painted compostable latrines,
  • made toys for wild beasts.

We also took part in an interesting talk about the organization and how such a “special” ZOO works, or how the animals can get there. We have done beautiful 95 volunteer hours in ParaZOO.

On Friday, September 6, organizer Eva was discussing students’ expectations, whether they were met, and she was more than surprised at the varied views they had on the entire week. On Friday, students and teachers finished with an unusual walk around Prague, led by the NGO Pragulic.

And what were the greatest expectations?

  • to meet new interesting people from the non-profit sector;
  • experience teamwork and fun.

 We also talked about:

  • discovering new ways of volunteering;
  • helping the community and having an impact;
  • spreading the idea of ​​volunteering;
  • creating meaningful change through hard work;
  • discovering new volunteering opportunities and much more.

What we learned during the week:

  • how much waste is not only around the school,
  • how to work better with others,
  • how interesting are people from the NGOs and their stories,
  • the importance of volunteering and why it is needed;

but also

  • we got to know jobs that we didn’t even know existed :-),
  • how to clean the bird cage and
  • how to properly weed and much more.

We thank all the volunteers from the International School of Prague not only for their work, but also for the opportunity and openness to “look under the lid” of other non-profit organizations in the Czech Republic.

You can take a look at our FB album Volunteer Week with International School of Prague”.

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