Help with the renovation of the community garden in Brno

13. - 19.8.2018

Join volunteers from all around the world to work with the Prah Association, which helps to integrate people with serious mental illnesses into everyday life.

Together you will help with painting a fence, building a stage of clay,  creating a new vermicompostor or completing a mosaic of various materials. This all will happen in the community garden of Prah organization.

You will meet volunteers from different parts of the world, find out how people with mental illness live in the Czech Republic and do a good deed where it is needed.

You will work around 6 hours a day and you will have one free day. You can go for a trip around the area or play board games all night, explore the local nature, dam, Spilberk Castle or enjoy the summer cinema in the garden!

You can find more information here in the SCI database.


We are looking forward to meet you on the workcamp.