Weekend in community villa

4. - 6.5.2018


During the weekend of  4th to 6th of May we spent a wonderful weekend in the Villa Vallila Community House for people with handicaps in Cerveny Ujezd u Benesova in a group of 11 volunteers. Thanks to the students of New York University in Prague, who come from different parts of the world such as New York, Singapore or Abu Dhabi, we had a very diverse group.

On Friday evening, we started the weekend by sitting in front of the historic villa surrounded by nature, with a great picnic dinner. However, because we were all rather adventurous tipes, we went out for a night trip and we walked through the woods, meadows and fields in dark… The work around the villa was quite interesting during the weekend … We were painting and grinding, covering a whole in the ground and burning branches. We painted wooden boards for the new fence, entrance gates and railing. We also planted lavender plants, watered all the greens in the garden and tried the work of residents of the Villa on renovating old furniture (in our case two old chairs).  We had a chance to get to know the work of the community house, the history of the villa and the organization itself, and we spent some time with “Villaci“ the people living in Vallila. On Saturday, after work, we set out on another walk, this time on the opposite side than the evening before, and there was also a bonfire and roasting sausages. We are already looking forward to returning to Vallila. Not only for the great lunches they cooked for us, but also for the cool people and the relaxed atmosphere.

Thanks to everyone for the nice weekend and for a great deal of work for Villa that helped the organization prepare for the upcoming Gardening Celebration they organize for the public, fans and friends of the Vallila and family of the residents of the villa.

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