Genius loci of the Villa Vallila

DSCN1755We headed for our 8th Weekend project to Villa Vallila in Červený Újezd u Votic to spend the last weekend in May. After the arrival, we were welcomed very nicely by the people from Villa and we could feel the friendly atmosphare. On Saturday’s morning one volunteer started painting the walls imide, the rest of us went with guys from Villa to collect old branches from a near forest. After lunch Mr. Klípa told us the story of Villa, František Bílek and how the community house was set. In order not to get wet, we headed for work again. There were so many branches brought out from the forest as well as many ticks. We also cut some nettles for the sheep.The evening was nice and calm while talking with the Villa inhabitants and having a look at Roman’s pictures. On Sunday, we went for a walk to see Przewalski’s Horse in the Prague ZOO workplace. The weekend passed by so quickly so we needed to return. Thanks for all the work done and for the time we could spent together. See you next time!
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