Enjoy a family weekend in the Island of Nature

17. - 19.5.2019

We are inviting all the active moms, skillful dads, spirited girls and playful boys to join this family weekend volunteer project.
In this alternative outdoor kindergarten in Trutnov, children are taught to love nature, to be confident and believe in their skills and be more and more independent with each day that goes by…
Are you interested in learning more from the experts about how a forest kindergarten works? Or spend a weekend with your kids in a little bit different way and bring home a lot of unusual memories?

Join this family weekend and get the chance to meet new friends, other families and spend some time in this stunning place, have a great deal of fun, while also doing some meaningful work for this interesting school project.
It is possible for one of the parents to join the event with one of the family’s children, while the other parent can stay with the younger sibling at home. Furthermore, grandparents can also take part in this project with their grandchildren or foster families. The Weekend is also suitable for individuals without children.


You can look forward to helping the organisation with various gardening work and manual work around the house. We will learn about how the kindergarten works, visit their herb spiral and an insect hotel, and learn lots about nature and local history.

There will be working tasks suitable for parents as well as for children and some of the tasks will unite children and parents in a single group and give them the opportunity to learn from each other. More about specific activities of the weekend will be specified one month before the event.

We will spend the weekend in nature and also in kindergarten, so we will play and discover the world in an unconventional way.  In our free time we can play some games, “barbecue” or explore the surrounding area. We will simply have great time from the beginning till the very end!



WHO IS THIS EVENT FOR: parents with children (including foster parents), or grandparents – 1 to 2 parents with 1 to 2 children. The age limit for children is form 3 to 14 years old.
Children of age 15 years and older are considered to be regular volunteers and pay a standard participation fee of 300 CZK.
Only one of the parents can join the event with one of the family’s children, while the other parent can stay at home with the younger sibling at home. Furthermore, grandparents can also take part in this project with their grandchildren or foster families.

MEETING AND TRANSPORT: On Friday, 17th of May we will meet at Prague Bus Station ČERNÝ MOST, at the platform nr. 1, at 16:45. Please be there on time. We will take a bus at v 17:00 to Trutnov and then we’ll take another bus to Trutnov, Bojiště (we’ll arrive to kindergarten at around 19:30).

RETURN: On Sunday, 19th of May, we’ll take a bus at 12:30 from Trutnov, Bojiště and return to Prague – Černý most bus station at around 15:14.

ADDRESS OF THE EVENT: Outdoor nursery Ostrov přírody, 541 01, Trutnov, Bojiště.

ACCOMMODATION: We will sleep in a cozy “house” – in the kindergarten’s area, where mattresses and blankets will be provided for children. Adults – please, bring your own sleeping mat and sleeping bag. Drinking water will be brought for us in the barrels, for other water we will go to a nearby well.

FOOD: Food will be provided through the whole weekend project, we will help with preparation and cleaning. For the Friday dinner, please bring some food from home, which we will share.

WHAT TO TAKE WITH YOU: Personal care items (hygiene, towel, etc.), good sleeping bag and sleeping mattress, comfortable working clothes, as well as good shoes suitable for such an activity and weather (ideally waterproof). Of course, do not forget about positive energy and good mood, your favorite social games and musical instruments.

CONTACT PERSON: In case you have any questions for example regarding the things that you should take with you, accommodation or other aspects that concern you , please contact the coordinator Bára at vikendy@tamjdem.cz, 604 370 797. We will discuss your concerns together.

• food for the whole weekend
• accommodation
• one-way ticket to the location of the project
• special volunteer insurance
• protection working equipment and working instrument
• the way back from the project will be paid by each participant individually

• 300,- for a regular volunteer (15+)
• 500,- for 1x parent + 1x child (in the age between 3 to 14 years old), 700,- for 1x parent + 2x children, 800,- for 2x parents + 1x child, 1000,- for 2x parents + 2x children
• covers everything described above, except for the way from the project back home (around 200,- for 2 people), but families with special needs have this expense covered as well
• pay the participation fee to our transparent bank account 2600956785/2010
• the variable symbol for the payment is 102019
• write your full name in the message for the recipient
• we have to receive the payment within 3 work days of receiving your application

• if we receive your cancellation 11 days and more before your Weekend project (Tuesday, week and a half before the event), you are entitled to receiving 40% of the fee back
• if we receive your cancellation 10 days and less before your Weekend project, we keep the full participation fee
• in case you decide not to ask for the 40% back (you cancel the participation and do not ask for the part of the fee back), we keep the whole fee and use it for further development of the Weekend project and Tamjdem as such
• and of course we will be grateful for that…
• Thank you for your understanding

We are looking forward to meeting you!