Documentary about Tamjdem needs your votes!

P1060343It has been a long time since the documentary about Tamjdem was made, but it was screened on television just a bit ago… SO IT IS TIME TO WATCH IT: )! Our film was made by director Zdeněk Tyc in cooperation with the Czech television and ČEZ foundation in the project called “The stories of an unusual energy”. It is a series of 8 short films about non-profit organizations …. about people who are not indifferent to the world around them…

YOU CAN SEE THE DOCUMENTARY on-line in the archive of the Czech television (only in Czech).

The documentary doesn´t describe only Tamjdem,  but it shows volunteerism as such, people who volunteer and their motivations… and the world of non-profit organizations.

YOU CAN ALSO VOTE for our documentary = send SMS-     ENERGIE 2 to the phone number-    906 11 09.

Your sms vote might help us to receive more money from the ČEZ foundation because it is going to give different financial support to all 8 organizations according to the amount of SMS the project receives…


Thank you all!

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