Help a great social enterprise in lovely Czech Mountains

31.5. - 2.6.2019


After a year we return to the magical Czech mountains Orlické hory to help the local Neratov Association. We will help with a lot of work – we will work a lot in the garden, next to the church, maybe in the woods. We will certainly work with a lot with stones – big, small… all of them. We will also participate in the organization of cultural (especially music) event ZUŠ Open (description in Czech only). We will take care of parking and arrange whatever will be needed dutring the venue. Both towers have been newly opened in the beautiful local church with a rich history. On the one hand, we will help to sweap it and at the same time we will have the opportunity to look into them.

Join us and discover all the activities of the Neratov Association, what more – contribute to them and have a look what it is like to run the largest social enterprise in the Czech Republic! There will also be plenty of time for fun,
when we will be able to see the famous church and walk through the beautiful countryside of the Orlické Mountains!

On Saturday, Neratov will be full of live music, and so we will be able to listen to a number of concerts. The highlight of Saturday evening will be a live concert inside the church! In addition, we will learn about the village, which was influenced by historical events, especially WW II and socialism. All of this is reflected even today. Nowadays, Neratov is a wonderful and very beutiful place which most of the visitors fell in love with. Expect a relaxing work that the Association will appreciate very much. During the evenings we might drink wine and beer (or maybe lemonade)… Have we mentioned that a brewery has also recently opened?



The participation fee is 300 CZK. What is included in the price?
Meals (except Friday dinner)
group ticket for a trip there (from Prague) – We reimburse other tickets for a weekend trip, but it is necessary to hand them over to us.
health and liability insurance
organization of the event and other associated costs
Fun, new contacts, relax from the hustle and bustle of the city and priceless experiences 🙂

Everybody pays back the way back. Try to always join the group departure and count on group return, or at least
travel in more people. See all the terms and conditions of the Weekend.


The basic fee for the Weekend is CZK 300, which covers the minimal costs of organizing the event. If you want to
support our activities and you have the opportunity to contribute more, you can increase your fee by any amount.
Thank you.

• fee 300, – to be paid by bank transfer to transparent account number 2600956785/2010
• The variable payment symbol is 122019
• write your full name in the recipient’s message
• The fee must be credited to our account within 3 business days of receiving your application
• Check out the cancellation policy.


TRANSPORT: On Friday, May 31st, we will meet at the main train station in Prague, in front of the ZOOT shop at
17.30, please be there on time. The train leaves to Ústí nad Orlicí at 17.58, then we will change to train to Letohrad,
where we will arrive at 19.59 and from there we will be taken to Neratov by a car.

RETURN: On Sunday, June 2nd taking a train at 16.02 from Letohrad (we will be taken there back by a car again) to Prague at 18:04. Alternatively, we will leave some time after noon.

ADDRESS OF ACTION: Neratov 84, 517 61 Bartošovice v Orlických horách

ACCOMMODATION: We will sleep on beds in a local house, next to the church in Neratov. Rooms are equipped
with blankets, sheets. There is a bathroom with toilet and shower in each room. We will also have a “living room“ just for us.

FOOD: On Friday evening, the we will share dinner in the way “we eat everything we have brought and we will taste it from everybody”. For the rest of the weekend food will be provided (breakfast and lunch in a canteen,
Saturday dinner will be served as a diner package for everyone). But if someone has the need for something extra,
there is a café and shop in Neratov.

WHAT TO HAVE: Things for personal use (hygiene, towel, etc.), slippers and especially work clothes (warm clothes in the case of cold weather) and good work boots – ideally both waterproof. Bring a good mood, you can also take some board games, musical instruments and do not forget to bring Friday dinner.

CONTACT: If you have any questions, write the project organizer Peter: (at), 734 423 724

Looking forward to meeting you!