Country life in the Villa

Tamjdem-VillaVallila-108Villa Vallila is a lovely place where a natural human kindliness to help is appreciated in a very nice way and also the life in a beautiful Art Nouveau building is in conjunction with daily farm life. Residents of Villa are people who mainly grew up in children’s homes or in difficult families. Thanks to this community they can live quality life despite of their limitations and health difficulties.

And we visited these people in order to offer them our twenty two hands for the work which would be above their limits. A team of individuals from various corners of Europe with one vision to make a good job here and at the same time enjoy the life on this magic place with a rich history. That Friday afternoon the train has stopped in a middle of nowhere with a few trees and houses around. We had to be prepared to not miss this stop near to the small village Červený Újezd. Here you could hardly overlook the roof of the Villa, so high above the other buildings around. Attic rooms of this house are also used for concerts or other events together with local inhabitants. This weekend it is serving as our base and accommodation. Right after the arrival we learn about the rich history of Villa Vallila with roots all around the world. Then we start with a dinner party out of our rucksacks, lively conversations and nicely spent evening. Saturday morning is full of diligent work. Prepare the terrain in front of the therapeutic workshop, clean the path between the trees to another facility, plant the baby trees, or renew the historical paintings in the dining hall.

Tamjdem-VillaVallila-55A big portion of the work is done even before the tea break and lunch. And all the main work was done before we´ve started with our campfire dinner in the garden. That was also the time for some local social life. Inhabitants of this small village are already used to live in the neighborhood of the community members. They meet also on the locally popular theatre sessions which are organized in the building of the local pub on the village square. This cultural evening with everything what belongs to the usual life here was a very interesting experience especially for the volunteers from the more distant countries. Sunday was a lovely and really sunny day. Nice view to the garden and hills with a touch of progressing spring was very refreshing at the tasty breakfest with gingerbread. We’ve also enjoyed our lunch in the garden after the work was completed. Then we’ve packed our stuff, dropped it to the big car and started out our walk the the next railway stop in the neighbouring village. Siesta by the pond was a nice invitation of sun into our relaxing bodies. When the departure of our train was closer, we’ve picked up our bags, said bye to our kind friend from Villa and get on the train in order to appear again in the city life in an hour and half later.


Erika d. (the orgenizer of this weekend project in Vallila).

Enjoy the experience with us through our pictures posted on Facebook, or just simply join us next time! 

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